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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking desperately on the internet for a Toyota Corolla Heater Control Panel for sale. Its a digital climate control one for a T-Spirit model 53 reg. Basically the current one in my car is functional but the storage lid attached to the panel has come off so I want to replace the entire panel. I have been looking for one for 3 months without any luck. Tried a few salvage companies and the morons there either sent me control panel without the storage lid or it was all deeply scratched up ( looked like it had been put through the shredder). If anyone on this forum has a spare panel or know someone willing to sell one that would be greatly appreciated ;) Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, Was checking out some of the old corolla adverts and a whole host of them just too funny not to post lol These ads just cracked me up ...... it made me feel like any car prior to this was made from sticks and stones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdjSknbbfq4 Feel free to post your favourite toyota ad :)
  3. coming up to 33,000 :)
  4. rikroll

    Cambelt Change

    Hey Guys, I'm off tomorrow for my car service. I would like to know whether my car has a timing belt or cam belt? I also don't know whether it needs replacing .... its a 53 plate hence over the 6 years but has only done 33,000 miles..... any ideas?
  5. Hey guys, I was watching TV today and this Robert Dyas advert came on about the JML Mantis Instant Shine. The description says its a "revolutionary waterless cleaner that will cut through dirt and grime to give a professional ‘wet-look’ high gloss finish to your car or motorcycle. It gently lifts impurities from the bodywork, and then wipes off to reveal a professional, showroom quality gleam. Powerful enough to break down dust and dirt from your alloys, it will also leave your wheels shining like new." http://www.robertdyas.co.uk/P~150415~JML+Mantis+Instant+Shine+ I haven't used a product like this before so wonder if anyone here can recommend it at all? Its £10 a bottle so I'm not quite sure how much stuff maybe required to get a rolla clean! Its probably a good product for someone like myself as I have no driveway or garage and have to park my car on a busy residential road. Cheers Riky
  6. Hey Everyone, I got my car insurance renewal letter from my provider Tesco this morning. Oh and what a shock horror ..... my quote was £770 fully comp for the year including breakdown and legal cover. My quote last year was £650 and it has been steadily falling every year (this is my first and only car so far). I'm 24 yrs and have 4 yrs no claims. So I got on the phone to tesco to ask them why the sudden increase and the guy's answer was that premiums have increased across the industry because of the economy, rate of accidents, crimes etc ..... So I asked him if there was anyway to reduce the quote by either increasing my excess or going third party..... he did a check, if i chose third party policy my quote would come down by £2 if I went from comprehensive to third party!!! Anyway I put the phone down disgruntled and started searching for a cheaper quote over the phone and online. I did searches on compare the market, confused, aviva, adrian flux etc ..... most where quoting over £1000 for renewal. However on compare the market and confused both gave me the cheapest quote so far £585 on admiral (it was £650 roughly with the protected no claims) All set to move insurance providers, so gave tesco the call to inform them i'm leaving ..... hang on a second .... took my details again asked me about the quote i received and hey presto they managed to match the quote for me! I didn't have protected no claims before but after this they manage to protect them for me as well So my advice is to shop around a bit and instead of trying to haggle them over the price, threaten to leave to another competitor and they will cut your premiums to keep you as customers!
  7. Just to let you guys know. I got my spoiler fitted today ...... its still got masking tape holding it firmly until tomorrow. I will take some pics when the car is nice and clean after the wash and polish. I got the original TTE spoiler in silver from a scrap dealer for £75 and the bodyshop garage charged me £120 to get it spray painted in black and fitted :)
  8. rikroll

    E12 Coilover?

    Hi everyone, I have Corolla T-Spirit pre-face lift model. I'm considering getting Eibach springs to put on the existing standard suspension. The product states it will lower the front and back by 30mm, my questions are how will the ride comfort be affected by the lowering? Will it work as I live in London and there are speed bumps every 100 yards or so! I guess I want to get a bit of styling, performance (handling) and comfort as well ....can all of these be achieved or will I have to make a compromise?
  9. rikroll

    Ish's Corolla

    Ethid are those tints on your car legal? I want to get tints for my rolla but DVLA state that any form of tints cannot be used for the front side windows and windscreen. As a result it doesn't look right on my especially cos its a 5 door. But if you guys are passing your MOT's with tints like on your car Ethid then it might be ok??
  10. Managed to find an original spoiler so everythings good :)
  11. Hi, I'm looking to purchase a Corolla E12 original TTE Spoiler for my car. I know the chance of finding an original are quite slim unless you are scrapping a car! Worth a shot lol My car is Eclipse Black (Paint Code 209) but to be honest any colour will do Thanks
  12. cheers, I might order that one then, when you say "its not a perfect fit" .... how unperfect is it??!! lol .... is it not sitting on the top of the tailgate properly or the spoiler. If you can post a pic of ur spoiler whenever possible that wud be great to see the end result :)
  13. Thanks Sizzla, Any idea as to how much it cost you to get the spoiler painted or did u DIY it? I got a quote from a bodyshop garage for around £120.... How would you find out the correct colour code for my rolla? Its metallic black thats as far as my knowledge goes (I presume toyota only sold corolla's in one type of black rather than different variations!)
  14. Thanks madvinegar and acetip well now my trouble is getting an after market spoiler and getting it painted professionally. Wonder how much it will cost...... btw roughly how much would the original one cost ...something like £700?
  15. Hey Guys I'm in need of advice.... After waiting for 2 weeks for the spoiler to arrive ..... contacted the ebay seller and he was having problems removing the spoiler from the car to send it to me. Apparently " unlike other cars, the corolla that was in his yard has the spoiler fitted with glue and he cant even remove the tailgate without damaging the spoiler itself and the rear window" ......... so now i have been refunded ...but without a spoiler :( Could anyone tell me what the original spoiler attached to 2003 corolla is called ..... is it the E12 TTE spoiler or something else? Also does anybody hav a spare spoiler willing to sell or place where I can get one from? Cheers Riky
  16. I really like the head unit, any chance u can tell us the the model and where u got it from? I looks like an updated version of an OEM toyota unit!
  17. Hey Guys, I'm still waiting for my Spoiler to arrive by post :( ..... In the meantime I decided to buy a pair of nightbreaker bulbs from redline UK for £15.99 and managed to get them fitted at a local garage for £5 without having to remove the front bumper! :) I struggled to fit them on myself but ended up with cuts and scraps across both hands.... worth getting them fitted professionally. I also asked the guy about fitting the spoiler and will do it for £40 .... according to him it only requires glue!
  18. Thanks for all the info - it probably be best if I get it fixed from a bodyshop/ garage if it requires bolts! I read in one of the posts in this forum that normally the spoiler is just glued on by toyota when it comes out of the factory..... is this true? I only ordered it off ebay yesterday ..... so it should arrive sometime next week. Fingers crossed the paintwork isn't damaged when the guy removes it! I'll make sure to post a picture of the spoiler when it arrives and then when I get it fixed onto the car. The sellers ebay ID is lez0786-2008 .... he I think owns a scrapyard for insurance written off vehicles and sells the car parts. I saw a couple of corolla's on the website ..... so if any of u need a spare alloy wheel or something might be worth checking it out. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/a1japsparesltd Cheers
  19. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum! I have a 53 plate Toyota Corolla 1.6 T Spirit model which I have used for 3 years now. I'm very happy with my first car, not had any mechanical problems so far (Its done 32,000K). I just ordered a used Spoiler off a T Sport model from Ebay for £100 (the guy was selling scrap parts from a T sport corolla). Its the same black colour as my car but I have no idea how to fit the spoiler when it arrives or whether it will fit at all!(It was sort of an impulse buy!) My first question is - Can it be fitted to my car? Second question is - how easy is it to fix yourself or is it better to get it done at a bodyshop/garage? Third question is - how much will it cost to fit the spoiler onto the hood of my car? Here is my car :) Hope some of the forum members here can help thanks Riky