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  1. oooh , good call , £75 well spent possibly....
  2. Yep , ill remove it and measure it exactley then source one cheers
  3. there was , a riding hat loose , but the independent assesor has been a right **** as it is , the film tint was chipped from it , but he refused to authorise that , he is just saying no to anything to be honest , it`s been a nightmare
  4. ours is roughly (my wife couldnt remove it) 254mm l x 165mm w x 216mm height
  5. well , the car beat me to it , my wife just broke down in town! i asked her to send me a pic of the battery but it doesnt match with what car parts 4 less advised me to buy this is ours... http://oi58.tinypic.com/anhkcy.jpg and this is the one i was told to buy http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/c/Toyota_Rav-4_2.0_2006/p/car-parts/car-electrics-and-car-lighting/electrical/car-battery/?444770056&1&3050b36a5b0947ddb0d7991b4023e23e5b24a70a&000020
  6. Hi All is this battery suitable ? http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/c/Toyota_Rav-4_2.0_2006/p/car-parts/car-electrics-and-car-lighting/electrical/car-battery/?444770056&1&3050b36a5b0947ddb0d7991b4023e23e5b24a70a&000020 or is the cheaper one OK ? http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/c/Toyota_Rav-4_2.0_2006/p/car-parts/car-electrics-and-car-lighting/electrical/car-battery/?444770057&1&32ed162f3514f33fc1308533756759a08b502b00&000020 ? My car , sorry , is a rav 4 2006 petrol XT4
  7. Thanks all , well were being truly shafted The garage wont do any repairs , as the the independent inspectors wont authorise it as they say no work was done to the rear windscreen during repairs , that may be the case but the car was hit from behind , and the heating element for the rear windscreen is in the tail gate is it not ? I know i need to deal with the Insurance company direct to get this issue looked at , as the garage arent interested in even diagnosing unless they are getting paid , but Insurance companies are devils from hell and lifes too short!
  8. Assuming the garage refuse to even consider the heating element or anything else related to the window , what would we be looking at to fix ? Also , i have read the battery guide posted elsewhere on this site , but can anyone link me to a good battery for a petrol RAV4 (2006) ? just in case i do need to shell out Many thanks
  9. Thank you Surely being hit from behind and now the window only part defrosts indicates the garage havent repaired fully? Am very annoyed that they have just sent our car back saying "you need a new battery" it must be their responsibility to ensure the heating element is repaired?!
  10. Hi All Just a bit of advice please Car involved in a non fault accident back in October, car died once we got it home (accident was 500 meters from home), received car back after repairs last week, not the back windscreen doesn’t defrost (one line DOES DEFROST?!) and the battery barely starts the car. The garage concerned collected the car this morning, have just called, and said sorry, nothing to do with us, your cars on its way back What can we do , if anything , as we find it unacceptable that a car that was working perfectly prior to the accident , leaves us , dead on a back of a lorry , and now a week after repairs , still has problems , and the garage concerned are not interested ? Is it likely to just be a battery on its last legs or something else like a blown fuse or not connected up properly after the tailgate repair (my biggest concern) Thanks
  11. DanLB

    Fix Or Bin :-(

    Quite , you never know what else may have gone wrong , still undecided what to do , MOT is in January , do i get the best price i can now , or wait till the MOT run it hot as i can and feed it cataclean through the next couple of months and see what happens , could just be putting off the inevitable!
  12. DanLB

    Fix Or Bin :-(

    I dont want to keep paying for the light to be turned off though , would an MOT tester just ignore any warning lights and carry out his usual tests?
  13. DanLB

    Fix Or Bin :-(

    Thanks , its had one of lambda sensors done a year or so back
  14. DanLB

    Fix Or Bin :-(

    I have the paperwork at home , so hopefully that will have the fault code on it , but the guy who diagnoses for us we have known many years so i do trust him Is it a case of i could source a cat from ebay or similar and get it done labour price only? The car is just used for me to travel 10 miles round trip a day mon-fri as well so very frustrating , could you expand on the `italian tune up` thing? Thanks
  15. Cheers Graunch , the repair company took it away on a lorry before i got a chance!
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