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  1. My 2005 D4D has 127,000 miles now. In the past 60K we have replaced the following: Front discs and pads, front wheel bearing and ABS sensor, rear brake shoes and handbrake adjustment clips. Last year it required some new brake pipes for MOT and aside from lubrication and filter services and a couple sets of tyres I think the only other major expense has been a battery and a fuel contamination issue which required nothing monetary to sort out. Sounds a lot but the biggest actual bill was £280 for MOT last year and that was mostly due to the brake pipes and abs sensor. Ours is getting a little tatty cosmetically and there is some rot setting in, however I see no reason to change the car and intend to extract the full value and mileage from it - 200K maybe. I've just taken this car back off my missus who needed something larger for the kids, it's my commuter now and will probably rack up 20K in the next year. With her 5k annual mileage, the lack of DPF meant no issues with short trips in town. If you do decide to change, a Mk1 diesel with that mileage should be worth decent money compared to similar age of Corsa/Clio
  2. Why? Does the car currently have fault codes or is the engine management light on? Needless to say I bought one a few years back from a company called 'Talk to my Car' paid 50 quid for it but it's been useful to have in the toolbox (spend more time lending to friends etc)
  3. v8will

    D4D Cutting Out

    Indeed, I tend to use busy stations with a high fuel turnover for this very reason (parents owned a filling station 15 years ago and went to the expense of changing the tanks after failing a pressure test). The car has had maybe half a dozen supermarket fills in the past 6 months and the rest is from branded stations. As a precaution we'll stick to our local Texaco from now on. I do remember my father being warned by an Audi tech 10 years ago not to be using supermarket diesel due to a spate of pump failures, you'd have thought the supermarkets would be more careful... Car seems to be going better, I'll monitor fuel consumption and general running and report back. Job for tomorrow is to thoroughly decontaminate my new fluid extractor!
  4. v8will

    D4D Cutting Out

    Fingers crossed that is the only problem! Snowing here now and I only have winter tyres for the Yaris, the Lexus will be a handful if the snow lies overnight. Really many thanks for the pointer Ormi :)
  5. v8will

    D4D Cutting Out

    I think your diagnosis is probably spot on. After much faffing about I was able to undo the blue retainer for the sender and when I pulled the unit out and dismantled it I was shocked by the amount of sludge blocking the pickup. I don't know if this type of work is in the service schedule for Toyota (or anyone else) but it should be. Lack of light and bitter cold has meant I've had to abandon proceedings again. Tomorrow, drain tank and some reassembly. Makes you wonder why some sort of filtration at the petrol stations isn't mandatory...
  6. v8will

    D4D Cutting Out

    Problem, can't get the large blue screw top undone to remove the gubbins from the top of the tank for inspection. It's very tight. Just about ready to admit defeat.
  7. v8will

    D4D Cutting Out

    Ok, it's getting too cold and dark to do much today. I got as far as removing the metal cover above the tank/below the rear seats. That area will need a cleanup before I start dismantling anymore, I don't want to introduce any more contamination. I guess to get at the pickup I just need to remove the pipe work and unscrew the large plastic cover?? Anyway before I came in I removed the drain plug from the filter and emptied the filter. No sign of water contamination but I did notice half a dozen or so crumb sized bits of black dirt come out, almost like limescale. I'm guessing the problem is dirt related. So next clourse of action is to clean the tank and it's related elements and then another new filter. Any tips for cleaning the tank without having to actually remove it?
  8. v8will

    D4D Cutting Out

    As Madasafish has said, keep it simple, stupid! Will report my findings ref the pickup in a few hours.
  9. v8will

    D4D Cutting Out

    Filter changed 200 miles ago which cured the problem temporarily. I'll have a look at the pickup as suggested by ormi
  10. v8will

    D4D Cutting Out

    Thanks, I'm a long time lurker here but the car has been fault free so far so no real need to post! From some more googling, I'm getting alot of generic hits on 'supercharger intercooler pump not working' but the closest I can get specifically Toyota based (avensis BTW) Short in supply pump (suction control valve) circuit • Supply pump (suction control valve) • Engine ECU Some more digging is revealing a possible issue with a sensor on the fuel pump which is causing the rail pressure to fluctuate - maybe this is relating to the suction control valve. Been a long day, will digest further over the weekend. Gut feeling is that this won't be cheap.
  11. My 2005 D4D Yaris, just shy of 90,000 miles has been playing up over the past couple of weeks. The 1st sign of trouble was the engine suddenly cutting out on the motorway. After coasting to the hard shoulder I was able to restart the engine with a little difficulty but was able to get home, the engine management light was now on. I checked the fault code with my OBDII reader which came up as P1229, I cleared the code and did a little research but couldn't find anything conclusive online. On the suggestion of my local mechanic (he didn't have time to squeeze me in) I fitted a new genuine Toyota fuel filter, a little pre-emptive as the car is booked in for a oil change and pre MOT look over next week. The previous filter had done 30,000 so was overdue and was pretty dirty. The new filter seemed to cure the issue and I put in about 20 litres of non supermarket diesel as the level had dropped to 1 bar when the car cut out. Over the past week I have monitored fuel consumption and it seems to have dropped to around 40mpg from it's usual 55mpg (calculated off litreage put in) and on my way home from work tonight the car cut out again and was a real pig to start - I was very close to having to call for recovery as the battery had started to die. Fault code P1229 persists again. Could the filter possibly be dirty again after only 200 miles? (I'll confirm this over the weekend, it'll have to come out for inspection) Is the cutting out the sign of something more sinister/expensive? Fuel pump, injectors etc? This evening when it happened there was plenty of fuel in the car. Any ideas as I'm starting to get ****** off, I do have another car but the missus uses our Yaris to ferry the kids about and at the moment I can't trust it.