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  1. If I buy a basic spec iQ1, can I, at a later date, retro-fit the TNS510 Sat-Nav? Or do I HAVE TO buy it as an option at the same time as I buy the car new? (If I want one that is) Ideally, I would like to buy an iQ and add the Sat-Nav to it at a later date. Just wondering if it can be done! Cheers, jasonjalet
  2. Does anybody have pictures of their reupholstered IQ interior?
  3. I am seriously considering an IQ, however I would need to have some of the interior trim redone. Kinda crazy thinking of fixing something I don't already have. But yeah, let us know when/if someone manages to reupholster the interior!!
  4. Cheap?? I wouldnt call it a cheap car considering their price as new. Either way, I've owned plenty of 'cheap' cars as you would call them, including: peugeot 107, smart fortwo, and the quality of the plastics in them is much better than the IQ. Even if this was a cheap car Toyota cannot excuse their use of such crappy materials. Shame considering the car is beautiful on the outside! :(
  5. Check this vid out....its a bit worrying:
  6. I currently own a Smart Fortwo (newer shape) and I am considering a White Toyota IQ Luna (or IQ2 I think). However, I have some concerns, mainly about the interior's poor quality plastics. When the IQ first came out I noticed that the plastics seemed to scratch easily, I literally swiped my nail against the dash and a big scratch appeared. That was over a year ago. Yesterday I test drove a 2 year old IQ and the interior cabin was rediculously scratched. Its a shame that Toyota has used such poor quality materials. How are you guys finding the interior of your car? Is it really THAT easily scratched? Cheers
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