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  1. I have just said it plugs in the back on the TNS510. So it will not work, if you don't have a TNS510
  2. Good Morning to you all. I have the TNS510 fitted in the car, on a 59 plate. I did ask a Toyota Main dealer, about the DAB Module, that just plugs into the rear of the TNS510 unit. Three years ago I was Quoted £450 for that unit. I did not both with it. Kind Regards David
  3. Hello to all of you. I have a iq2 , 59 plate , 33 000 miles. Have just had the spark plugs changed, replaced with NGK Laser Iridium. My mate as a small work shop, and it took him 30 mins to change the three plugs. Ok I paid cash total charge for the plugs , and change, was £60. So even without a bill , no more than £90. And the plugs which came out are still OK, just did not want to leave them in for a long time. As in the past plugs that have been for years, are very hard to get out, and could snap of try to get them out. Kind Regards to you all. David
  4. Hello to you all. I have a 59 plate IQ, have just found out the front side, drives Fog Light is broken. 1 , Does anybody have won I could buy. 2 How do you fit them, do you have to take the plastic wheel arch liner out ? 3 Lots on eBay around £28 , are they any good, will they fit OK ? Kind regards to you all. David
  5. David23

    Iq Robbed

  6. Hi , have just seen this . http://www.performancemotorcare.com/blog/car-windscreen-repair-how-to-use-glass-scratch-remover-to-remove-scratches-from-your-windscreen/ Or this
  7. David23

    Hello !

    Hi Nat , looks very nice and a very good spec, and a good price. Worth the wait. Kind Regards David
  8. Hi Craig, it was me who put the link on. How true , i think it looks SH-- David
  9. Hello have just seen this ,not keen myself. http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/new-iq-2-as-new/1003569242
  10. David23

    Seat Covers

    Hello, the one on Ebay as your link. Look the same as this car , see link below. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201301144908207/sort/default/usedcars/seller-type/private_adverts/model/iq/make/toyota/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/radius/1500/page/1/postcode/nn128hq?logcode=p
  11. The car below with the Chrome Trim . I Have just got my calculator out, must have been 15k New, with that spec, good buy second hand for somebody. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201301064807398/sort/default/usedcars/seller-type/private_adverts/model/iq/make/toyota/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/radius/1500/page/1/postcode/nn128hq?logcode=p
  12. I have just seen my first IQ , with these Chrome Trims on , on the link below. The car must have cost a arm and leg when new , its even the £100 glovebag , a fool and his money. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201301064807398/sort/default/usedcars/seller-type/private_adverts/model/iq/make/toyota/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/page/1/radius/1500/postcode/nn128hq?logcode=p
  13. This item as been on Gumtree , for weeks . http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/chrome-trims-for-iq-toyota/1005320842
  14. Hi. On page 125 of your Owners Manual, Set the airbag switch to the OFF position ,
  15. Try this Laser Jamer http://www.ukspeedtraps.co.uk/jamlaw.htm
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