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  1. thanks all, special thanks to rxx, i have done the research and the pre facelift 190's do not get the oil problem, and have a better looking interior if you ask me. the lift bolts if they havent been done on a 10 year old car then theri probably pretty good, and an easy job any way. i have found two 190s for 1600 quid, both y reg i think and both approx 120k, 1600 is the asking price so i think i have found what i am looking for. not scared of maintanence by any means. and at the end of the day id rather a celica that needs a little tlc than a p reg fiesta! :)
  2. i have seen some great 140s for that sort of money, some for a lot more. ah well i guess i will have to be patient, definately want a 190.
  3. well i have seen 2 go on e bay now for 1500. good condition too.
  4. hi guys, i am currently selling my bmw and i am definately going to get a celica gen 7. i will have about 1500 to spend. i am not too conserned about mileage and ideally i want the 190. the packs confuse me, i cant seem to find a list of what comes with the differing packs. any way what should i expect to get for 1500?
  5. hmmm oh dear. well its a bartering point i guess :)
  6. bout 1700, its had a new clutch, and its got long mot. id hope the tints are within legal limits i am buying from a dealer, so i got come back if its not?
  7. ok update on op. the original one i was looking at is gone. I am looking at one with 170k on the clock, has had a new clutch at some point in its life. looks mint. got the black triangle vinyl / paint on the middle of the bonnet. any thoughts again welcomed, also any advice on the specifics of this model, again its a y reg.
  8. wow great info here guys. excellent.
  9. thanks, thats really cool to know. so 190 is a safe ish bet.
  10. of course it uses oil. i am slow but not quite that slow. but there is a known / was a known oil issue with the 140s??? please correct me if i am wrong. with as much info to back up as possible. i digest quite well. please see the following pics. if you are right and it has been neglected, would a little tlc, and future tlc be enough to have pretty much trouble free driving? I know how i would probbably drive the car and the type of roads id be driving on will not help keeping it out of the "lift" zone, would it be fair to say that if you drive the 190 bellow 6 ish k rpm then it acts exact
  11. probably best just to do a quick mpg calc. check your tyres too! i know its simple and teaching to suck eggs but does make a difference.
  12. thr cellica is a type of car id be happy to replace an engine every 10 yrs if i had to. its looks are timeless imo. i dont think they will ever look old. small wheels are a little ghey (in the internet sense of the term) but ive also read to not bother putting big ones on as id be sacrificing comfort and performance for asthetics. (would not be the first time) and im not going to mention my wife :)
  13. thanks for confirming that the oil problem is not on the 190. I have read it from various sources now. my first guess after some research was the lift bolts. They look easy to do. as for your issue friend, there are some seriously cheap crash dammaged ones on flea bay. get a rear ended one rob the engine and get a couple hundred quid back for scrap? just athought. but thank you both very much. Think i will go for it, they sound like so much fun. oh finally any idea what "pack" it is with ............. Digital Aircon Digital climate control Leather seats Remote c/locking E/windows E/mirro
  14. well its a quick fix any way. with regard to the oil problem, if there is one, what specifically is wrong? as i may not be too knowledgable but a can hold a spanner. i also know about the lift bolts too. what the seller said. Bad bit: There is a slight rattle coming from the camshaft area so i have been told by my local toyota dealer, the noise is only heard when between 3-4000 rpm. Despite this it drives very well & hasn't got worse since i have owned it for about the last 6 months, in fact its seemed to of improved recently!
  15. well its complicated cos i am swapping my car, but as far as i am concerned I am paying £1900 for it.
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