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  1. Im with anonyx i bought mine because no one knows what they are you get those stupid wee boys in the 1.6 eco vtec civic thinkin they can blow past you but when you hit lift there face drops. I got my t sport to be different you can put money on seeing atleast 2 type r's a day but not a t sport. Cheaper to run cheaper to insure for the sake of 7bhp LOVE IT
  2. To get 45bhp from the stated list is pish. 1. This "manifold" the cts comes standard with a 4 to 1. 2. As far as im aware there is no possible way to decat this car without having a dash like a christmas tree or going into limp home mode. 3. The ecu has no known remap. It is also a self learning ecu in the cts. 4. Cams need a remap to run properly after stage one and after stage one you have to upgrade valves valve springs etc etc etc other wise it wont run for long before something snaps. My 54 cts is currently <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am e
  3. a mate of mine has had a look he thinks ive skipped a tooth on the timing and damged some bearings in the top end so should be fixed within the next week
  4. That's what I would have thought so anyway but it's ******.
  5. Was in 3rd doin about 70mph. Its done 51000.
  6. Well guys I'm afraid I have been a complete tool. I was driving down the bypass coming home from one of the cruises around my way and like a tube went to shift into 4th gear but instead hit 2nd I have no idea how I managed to do this. At first I thought I had just destroyed my clutch which is no biggy but it is a lot worse than that. My car is miss firing and is knocking slightly. I am gutted!! I took the cam cover off and there is no visible damage to anything. I was told to check the lift bolts but there still intact. So I'm afraid it's going to have to be stripped. It's a 2004 t sport cor
  7. Legends cheers guys al try that. My pollen filter is black lol
  8. When i turn my blowers or aircon on there is a horrible smell ive tried those aerosol cans that you set off and leave in the car to circulate through the system and one that you spray into the outside vent and none have worked. Anyone have any more ideas or solutions?????
  9. Ha ha ha the red are extremely rare up my way haven't seen one apart from mine. T sports altogether are rare around my way. I'm bit disappointed on the parts side of things tho hard to find!!!! Plans are lowering white 17's induction kit possibly carbon wrapping the bonnet and a nice jape back box not much else you can do tbh. I'm thinking of the k&n typhoon cold air feed induction 180 buck any one know or recommend anything else???
  10. Cheers guys al have a look. Hopefully get some pics up soon. Mines is red three door facelift.
  11. Alright guy i just recently bought a imaculate t sport 54 plate and am wondering wheres the best place for parts eg induction kits and styling parts??? :)
  12. I got my quote from admiral when i turn 21 in aug its 1200 and thats in my own name with no no claims : P.
  13. Cheers guys al give all this a try. The EU rulings wont come into place until dec 2012.
  14. I do not yet own a corolla t sport but plan to get one within the next few months. Im a 20 year old guy and the cheapest quote for insurance ive had is 1600 if i wait till aug when im 21 this drops to 1200. Does anyone know anywhere i can get a cheap quote.??????
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