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  1. You have a good average of around 55mpg - although mine is at 60 mpg it is only over 700 miles so may change during the year. To be honest I hope to get 50 mpg which will compare well with my 54mpg from my previous car (a Prius Gen2) and any more is just a bonus. David hard driving gives 50 mpg with about 320 miles on a tank. How do you mean by hard driving? coz I get around 300 or little more miles from full tank! I drive in city most of the time and upto 3000rav before I change gear. If I keep changing gear at around 2000rav the car seem to be very slow and car behind will get annoying!!!! snd tailgate me!!!
  2. Get yourself an instant MPG gauge, SG2 or SGE - £70 and up. That will show you where you are getting low MPGs. For example a lot of people assume accelerating in a high gear is good, but as it takes longer to go from 30-50 in 4th vs 3rd you are at lower MPG for longer and so your average goes down. A quicker burst in 3rd means you are up to cruising speed asap. I am looking for one of those Gauge on the Websites but they are all sort of difference one with Price range very lots! by the way how do those MPG Gauge work ? do they have to internal install onto your car which I am no good at all!!
  3. My Best ever miles get from Full tank are around 350miles!!!! Never get more then that ! Whatever I do such as driving slowly !!
  4. To be honest I think you should focus on the mpg figure rather than the blobs - I only mentioned that to indicate that I couldn't wait any longer to get some mpg figures. I fill up until the first click on the petrol pump (at the same petrol station)and then enter the mileage and litres into the website "Fuelly" which gives me a running average mpg that I find useful as well as my individual fill ups. You could just use a spreadsheet or calculator though. My previous car was a Prius Gen 2 and my average was 54 mpg over the year (it was best when the weather was good and the heater didn't need to be on) which was about right for the car. As long as I get 50 mpg or more from my Aygo I will be happy. Not sure that one reading is very reliable but 60.9 mpg is a good start - especially as I have been caught in traffic jams by temporary lights at roadworks. However if you get 40 mpg and drive in cities or on motorways that also seems good. I have lots of A roads and will only do 60 mph maximum - often 40 to 50 mph, and 30 mph in the occasional town. David I often drive in City Road and doing often 30 to 40 mph! not very often on Motorway! Maybe that could be one of the reason I don't get very good MPG!
  5. From a while ago when I start this topic I still got no Inprovement on my MPG!! Still get around 300miles and the last bulb start flashing!! I still wonder how can you lots get 332 and still got 3 blobs left!!
  6. I never got a chance to travel on Motorway that long distance to try out if I can get around your Record coz I will be driving my big car with my family !
  7. Wow is it all Motorway driving at steady speed? I only manage aroung 48mpg which is town drive.
  8. is your the 1.4 diesel ? what is your miles for full tank? wondering you done 408mniles half tank. how many more miles will you get for the other half?
  9. I don't drive my Aygo on Motorway very often. did it give you a better MPG on Motorway? Someone told me AYGO is a town car and its better MPG when driving in town then Motorway because when driving on motorway you got to Rav over 3000 for keeping the car around 60 to 70 mph !!! who is right??? I don't have much chance to drive my AYGO on motorway!! can anyone of you tell where give you better MPG, town or motorway?
  10. Have fun ! I think you will see your Tank may only give you around 300 to 350 for having fun! Let's see what you get from it.
  11. Finally I got 345miles and still got 2 bulb left which I expected another 30 to 40 miles before its gone!! I didn't waited coz the fuel price keep going up!!!! I put 33 liters in ( 7.2 gallons). 345 divided by 7.2 = 48MPG!!!!! I got 48MPG out of this tank by driving smoothly!! Compared to 38MPG from my previous Tanks is a big difference !!!!!!
  12. 19-4-2011 Tuesday Updated: Hi Everyone's who had read this topic. I had broke my own record !!! I done 300miles and still got 3 bars light left!!!! and I am hoping to get extra 100 miles from it!! For the last few weeks I been driving very smoothly and slowly , change gear more frequency and brake with Engine Power. I am also using Shell's petrol which I am not sure dose this make a difference?!?! But for sure the driving style make a big difference!
  13. Those car got Start- stop technology will have a more advance starter and a specialist battery so its work with this technology!If normal car without this Start -Stop technology keep turning on and off the engine will kill off the battery and the Starter!!! That's exactly what I said in the post you quoted... Or am I missing something? Yes mate. that's what you said I didn't read it right. apologize By the way. sometime I do turn my engine off when I knew I won't able to move for a good few minutes to save Fuel. Do you think its worth turning it off and on if not moving for good few minutes?
  14. Those car got Start- stop technology will have a more advance starter and a specialist battery so its work with this technology! If normal car without this Start -Stop technology keep turning on and off the engine will kill off the battery and the Starter!!! I am really wonder what if Aygo came with as ( Aygo Hybrid ) Will be nice as Aygo Hybrid will be very eco
  15. Finished my first full tank today I'm on the flashy reserve bar....... 305.4 miles Disappointing really........... Yeah my first tank was similar! still works out 40 odd MPG!! think of the size of the tank too! OMG! My 3rd bar went off at 250miles today! much lower than what I want as 270miles!! Still got 3 bars left. hoping to get around 150miles from those 3 bars !
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