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  1. We are in the progress of making plans to hold a event for charity for Tsunami appeal JAPAN... 'RUN TO THE RISING SUN' We have decided to organize a event in order to raise money for the victims of the Recent Japanese Tsunami. After seeing it on the television last week and seeing the utter devastation that this amazing country has had inflicted upon it, it has moved us so much that I feel as lover of the Japanese car industry it was time we gave something back to help the people who have suffered during and after this natural disaster. It will take Japan generations to rebuild there cities, home’s and industries that have been effected by this earthquake and It very easy to detach yourself from such devastation over here in the UK because we haven’t yet experienced such a disaster and lets hope we never do. We aim to amass the biggest gathering of Japanese car enthusiast ever recorded in the UK. We hope to have various attractions and traders, details of this will be confirmed nearer the time. In order to make this happen we need to spread the word and get people involved, it’s gonna be a big task and I hope to have this set up to do at some point in the summer this year, I’ll pick the day so it won’t clash with any events and it’ll more than likely be on a Sunday. We have already got alot of interest from some very big companies in the tuning world , so would be great if you could post this where you think it will gain a publicity forums etc ... More details will be posted as plans move forward and any ideas are welcomed by pm or email to launchmotorsport@gmail.com Thanks Ant Launch Motorsport, Unit 1, The yard, Woodend Lane, Cam, Dursley, GL11 5HT 01453 899001
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