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  1. Happy Birthday PKelman!

  2. I'm having the most fun i've ever had in any car right now. I'm in love with it! I also share the same reason as you, owned the 5 dr SR before the compressor, liked the corolla so much i upgraded to this one. The exclusivity was the main selling point for me, so many vxr's and type r's driving around and i like to be different Also, the look on the 'sooped up' corsa drivers faces when you leave them behind is priceless :P
  3. Yes that is slighty creepy! haha Gutted to hear about your accident, good thing is you made it out alive i guess! shame that's one less on the road though. Ah i'll have to keep an eye out for that one then, my girlfriend also notified me that theres another black one that parks in the square in Stonehaven everyday, so unless that's your place of work then that's another one to keep an eye out for. Chances are it was me going up union street, the guy previous to me installed a back box so you normally hear it before you see it Would be good to get a decent enough size of group together and take them to a running road to see what the actual figures are now.
  4. I've just recently bought a black Corolla Compressor and have been curious as to how much of them are actually left on the road today. I know only 250 of them were produced but i'm assuming that figure is much lower now with crashes, breakdowns and write offs etc. Who out there owns one? Also, i stay in Aberdeenshire up in Scotland and was again curious to know if there are any other Compressor's in the area? General discussion on the compressor is welcome Paul
  5. Completely new to the car forum scene so hello all! Just upgraded from a Corolla SR to the Corolla Compressor and pick it up on thursday...Christmas has come early Look forward to joining in the forum discussions, chow for now.
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