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  1. Happy Birthday shoney!

  2. shoney

    2.2 Mpg

    The computer has been reset and he's doing a 50 mile trip everyday on B roads with no stops, he did the same trip in my 2.0 D4D auris and got high 40s!!!
  3. shoney

    2.2 Mpg

    It's done just short of 40000, mrT have just serviced it so the filters should be ok. Gonna check the EGR but if it don't get any better he's going to have a word with the dealer.
  4. shoney

    2.2 Mpg

    My dad just traded his old avensis in and got hold of a very clean 59 plate avensis T4 wagon with the panoramic roof, heated leather seats etc it's a 2.2 147bhp auto. My question is, what mpg should he be looking at as he's currently getting 32mpg and he's driving like a granny!!!
  5. I like it! Much easier to use on my iPhone
  6. A mate at work found this on eBay last night, the description is abit long but so funny! Search for the item 220926357001 Or follow this link Hope you enjoy as much as we did at work
  7. Thanks for all your comments, we found the problem, injector number 3 is sat to high, unsure why. He's thinking of getting rid of it now!
  8. Cheers guys, where gonna look at the EGR in the morning. He got let down today by a mobile mechanic who had a accident!! I had a set of injectors changed on my auris 2.0 d4d last year, luckily I had warranty as it was well over £1000 damage
  9. Hiya it's done 90,000 and it's black smoke
  10. hi all, i normally post on auris club but my dads avensis has brought me here. my father has a 55reg 2.2 150bhp diesel and recently its been smoking a little and missing with loss of power. last night when on his way home from work it really struggled, so he gave the AA a call they ran it on there scanner but i didnt show any faults, but the AA man recons a injector is on its way out! Has anyone had this problem or could it be anything else as we know its a big bill for the injectors as ive had mine changed on my auris. cheers Dan
  11. shoney

    Hand Brake

    Haha just seen!!! Oooops stupid auto correct on the iPhone
  12. shoney

    Hand Brake

    Went up to mrT yesterday, apparently my breaks are fine, they say all breaks on diesels feel soft, great!! I'll just have to get used to it then.
  13. Its probably to try and get you to buy the Protection pack to get more cash off you lol
  14. shoney

    Hand Brake

    Yep I had this a few weeks ago! I got back from shopping to find my car in the middle of the car park about 3 meters out the space!!!! I jumped in and the hand brake would only pull 1 more click. I'm generally unhappy with my breaks, I had new disks and pads 4 months ago (genuine toyota parts) now they seem really soft and I get a big whining noise when breaking while reversing!
  15. I've been wanting to do this also for my iPhone, I went to mrT and walked out when they told me the cost for the standard blutooth. However in my corolla tsport I fitted a jvc headunit with x2 USB, aux point and blutooth, I didnt want to put it in my auris as I thought it would look rubbish but I've found a anthracite grey din facia and should be fitting it at the weekend. I'd look down this route as you will be able to play your mp3s as well as making and taking calls