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  1. Looking at getting a 1.6 verso myself. Coming from the 2.2 d4d I am worried that I will miss the torque and power from the diesel engine. Has anybody made the same move?
  2. My 2.2 D4D model is exactly the same. Never been a problem.
  3. Mine used to do this. If you look behind the clutch pedal, there is a rod that goes through a rubber grommet in the bulkhead. When the pedal is pressed, this rod travels through this rubber grommet and causes the creaking noise You can use WD-40 for instant quietness, but it does tend to come back. I imagine using some sort of grease would last longer.
  4. Try turning the heater temperature down to Lo and see if the high idle drops. As the weather gets colder, the car will run with a higher idle speed in an attempt to heat up quicker. As the engine warms up, the idle drops. Does sound a little higher than mine when it does this, think mine idles around 1200 if the heater is on until it warms up then drops to around 850-900.
  5. I think you can pretty much guarantee the ECU will give an error and go into limp mode. Even with the EGR being partially blocked, you can get error lights on the dash. I used to own a VW and with the VAG ECU you could have the ECU remapped to 'ignore' the blanked EGR, but so far the encryption on the Toyota has not been cracked.
  6. If the radio says mp3/wma on the front, then it will play mp3/wma CD's. Just copy the mp3/wma files onto the CD with some sort of folder structure to make it easier to navigate and they will play. I have the single CD version in my Verso SR and they play fine.
  7. Hi, I cleaned mine out last year using this tutorial. The engine in the guide is a D-Cat, but EGR exactly the same as my 2.2 D4D. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=106241 They did change the EGR valve at some point, so yours may not be the same as the guide. I think the older model engines have the valve on the right hand side, but I am sure someone will be along soon to confirm. P.S. Buy a couple of cans of carb cleaner from your local motor factors and be prepared to get dirty!
  8. Hi, Not sure about damage tbh, but have you thought about cleaning the EGR yourself? I am not that mechanically minded but managed to do mine myself. Do a search on the forums, there are a few guides on here. I think the EGR on earlier cars is to the right of the engine rather than at the front on later models. Maybe someone can confirm this? Good luck.
  9. Had the same lights on my 57 2.2 Verso SR. Disconnected the battery for an hour and the lights have not come on since, though still need to retune radio :ffs: Did have smoke / lumpy acceleration issues and attributed it to that. Cleaned the EGR following the guide from RickD4D, now the car seems to idle better and the acceleration is way better and far less smokey. Link to guide below. Have also just purchased a can of BG244 diesel system and engine clean. Will let you know how this goes, from the independent reviews I have read, it will hopefully make a difference. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=106241
  10. Hi, couldn't say for certain. But in my experience jerking and cutting out usually point to a fueling problem. Possible fuel pump problem caused by heat?
  11. Hi, The salesman is probably correct. My 57 Verso SR has this 'hole' in the centre console and I thought exactly the same as you...what's missing? You can even see the screws/bolts that hold it down, which does look somewhat un-finished. Don't know if anyone is manufacturing anything that goes in there...even a lid would look better! Nice roomy car though.
  12. GJS1

    Verso Roof Bars

    Thanks for the replies. I'll look into these bars.
  13. GJS1

    Verso Roof Bars

    Hi all, I have been looking at roof bars for my 57 Verso SR (no roof rails). Does anybody have any experience of which bars are half decent? I have used Mont Blanc bars on other cars and these are good, but I have seen some Pre Alpina bars on ebay for around £85...not sure how good they are though. Any thoughts appreciated.