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  1. Think i'll give it a go, if it does not work can always change it back! Happy Days
  2. LOL I am not paying £17.50 for a sticker Didn't even know there was an option to subscribe! Out of interest what else would I get for my £17.50 as obviously I want more than a sticker!
  3. In regards to protection from bird droppings i've found it makes the car more of a target for them. (I have a large number of pigeons, seagulls and just recently ducks in my area!) You say in your experience that it scratches, did a similar product scratch your vehicle then? I think it would probably scratch if you don't wash the car first. I use it as a follow up to get rid of watermarks etc.. But would never put it straight onto a dirty car as you are just rubbing all of the dirt into the paintwork! I think the people in the supermarket car parks use a similar product. My car does get pret
  4. Sorry must be missing something.. What I am subscribing to? :-)
  5. Is there anywhere where we can get Owners Club stickers? Got a mate on the Ibiza owners club and they've got stickers as well as tailored carpet mats. Not suggesting we go as far as tailored carpet mats but an owners club sticker would look good on the boot lid glass! Would also make the world of "spotting easier" (From another mate on the EK9 forums!)
  6. Hello All, I've always liked the small style aerials on cars, especially the shark fin style found on the BMW 5 series. I had a look on ebay and found this aerial. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/180590281117?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_616wt_986 I just wondered if anybody has fitted a similar aerial to their car? I wonder if it is as simple as unscrewing the current aerial and just replacing it with the stubby one or if its more complex. Also my 2011 T Spirit has the TNS410 and I didn't know if any services were received through the car aerial? Any help or thoughts gre
  7. Just had a look for it and it looks very similar to showroom shine probably the same stuff under a different brand name! I'll give it a go though, when my current bottle of showroom shine runs out!
  8. "I deserve to be well looked after. If I get mistreated I play up and stall or refuse to start so I have my owner under control. Not very accurate my car is very well looked after, the first question is daft. Who honestly cleans their car MORE than once a week. It's impossible!
  9. This stuff is really good used it on my Yaris on a couple of occasions after washing. Its marketed as a waterless washing system but I would always recommend washing the car beforehand otherwise you are just pushing the dirt into the paint. Always brings mine up gleaming, i'll try and post some pictures at the weekend as its due for a clean. Application is straight forward I personally work panel by panel with 3 microfibre cloths (application,buffing and polishing!) The link to get some is http://www.idealworld.tv/BOGOF_Greased_Lightning_Showroom_Shine_1_Litre_171785.aspx?cm_mmc=Affiliates-_
  10. I've read these posts with interest. The results look really good and I would like to try going over my Yaris with a claybar. One thing i'm not to sure of is that when I bought my car I had the supagard paint protection put onto it. So my question is would the claybar remove the supagard from the car?? Any thoughts? James
  11. Corrr not getting anywhere near these MPGS. Had my 1.33 Tspirit since April covered approx 900 miles best i've got is 41mpg! Any tips for better economy??
  12. I had a similar problem with the Bury bluetooth in my car which kept disconnecting me. First thing to try is not just removing the phone from your TNS410 but remove the TNS410 pairing from your own phone. That didn't work for me so in the end I ended up backing my phone up then doing a factory reset and it's been fine since. For what its worth my wife has an iphone 3g and it's been fine with her TNS410 but she moans like mad that it's not a patch on the factory fitted bluetooth that was in her previous TR that was operated from the steering wheel controls. Wheyyy problem solved after 5 hours
  13. First post and its a problem! I've had my Yaris for just over three months now and clocked up 700 miles. For these miles my phone has connected the TNS410 without any problem. However this evening I got "Phone Disconnected" on the speakers and since then my phone has refused to re-connect! Tried the usual turning off the bluetooth, removing and re-installing the phone to no avail! Any help greatly appreciated!!!
  14. jamesj4

    Scuff Plates

    Had the aluminium scuff plates fitted on the car. I think it looks smart!
  15. jamesj4

    My Yaris

    A few shots more coming soon
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