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  1. Coilovers and spacers are now sold
  2. £25 posted for the cluster. I'm not sure about the Auris, I had a quick look on the BC Racing website, couldn't find part numbers. Maybe it's worth calling them and asking. If you're only in Newport, you're welcome to come over, I'm in Beddau so not too far away
  3. BC Racing Type BR coilovers, good condition, threads have been copper greased so the adjusters should be free. No knocks and clunks when on the car, no leaks. The damping and front top mounts adjustable. There are some brand new drop links fitted (these were done for the MOT a couple of weeks back). These are £750 new. £375 Cusco Strut brace, has the odd scuff/scratch, should polish up fine - £75 Refurbished front brakes calipers, still have the zinc plating on them, the inside of the pistons are like new, no surface rust or anything. Seals are perfect. - £50Black Diamond Predator brake pads and grooved discs, both are like brand new, no wear marks or scoring at all. - £50I'll post. Can even post bigger things like the bonnet, doors and boot lid. I use Paisley Freight so will go by their prices. All the body panels are in good condition with nice paint.Wings £25 eachBootlid (glass but no spoiler) - £30Bonnet - £30Door mirrors £15 eachRear seats - £35Parcel shelf - £20Door cards - £15 eachDoor glass - £20 eachAll the plastic trims (sills, pillars, foot well, etc) £5 eachBoot trim £5 each
  4. This is the advert from when I bought it. Engine and gearbox aren't available http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251502366099?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 Rota Grid 17" alloys. Good condition, couple of marks on them but as they are satin black they are easily touched up. The tyres are 215/40/17 Yokohama Parada Spec II, 2 are 6mm 2 are 4mm so loads of life in them. The alloys are ET45 - £500. Eibach 25mm bolt on spacers - £45 2ZZ head with valves - £125New chain - £25New 2ZZ oil pump made by Aisin £45Alternator - £25 T-Sport grill - £40
  5. Sounds good to me. Although i wanted to know how to get the best outta the 16v. Where do you find a 20v. I mean which models came with one? I was thinking of tracking one down fom a scrapyard or spares or repair. What exactly would i have to get with it, in the way of loom, ECU, etc. I've always been aware of the 20 valver. Never noticed what car it was in. You won't find a 20v in any scrap yards. They come in Corolla Levins and Trueno's, AE101 and AE111. There aren't many around, you could import one from Japan.
  6. If you can change the head, the obvious thing would be to change that to the 20v head, along with ITB's. Are you not able to swap the whole engine and box to 20v stuff? I think the blocks are the same so you could re-build the internals into your 16v block maybe? The 20v has a short ratio gearbox which is ideal for track work. It also rev's to 8,200rpm and can do 8,500rpm no sweat if you raised the limit. This post has been edited to remove the advertisment.
  7. And there is no point in revving more unless your engine is still making good power that high. It won't be if it's on standard camshafts
  8. I've got a spare 20v one, Denso 131300-2010
  9. The exhausts aren't that loud as standard. My standard exhaust went rotten and got louder as it started blowing. I don't know where you'd go for uprated jap parts. To be honest, I don't think they are worth the money anyway. You'll start to find that Toyota can be pricey enough as it is anyway. Only place I could get front discs from was a main dealer at £55 each :( I paid less than that for Brembo BMW M3 discs in the past. Rotor cap is £85 from toyota and about £10 for the rotor arm. Parts aren't always cheap, i'm relieved whenever something I need is available at a motor factors. I'm selling mine soon (Tuesday hopefully). I've got a Megasquirt ECU, Ford EDIS ignition system, harness adapter for a silvertop, chrome trumpets for sale if your interested in upping the power and being able to run your throttle bodies open. B)
  10. I find stuff like spark plugs, air filters, brake pads, oil filters and fuel filters can be bought from your average motor factors but it's usually useful to take the part with you as they'll have to match it up from something else. Anything they can't supply you can get from Toyota themselves I recently imported a 5Zigen exhaust from Yahoo auctions in Japan. It was a new system but was listed quite cheap, cost me over £300 to get it. You'll probably find that 5Zigen are the only exhausts you'll be able to buy as they come in 3 pieces and most other systems like the HKS are 2 piece. All company's I asked about importing for me all used EMS for their freight and they had length restrictions. The 5Zigen systems remove the cat which is nice, mine is pretty loud though. I used this company http://www.crescent-shop.com/aboutus/privacypolicy.htm
  11. I've you read that on here, maybe it's me spouting crap. I thought they did as thats what my rev counter shows but after further reading, they don't.
  12. I think my rev counter might not be accurate as it show's 8,400rpm on the redline. I think early ST's go to 7,800rpm, later ones to 8,200rpm and BT's to 8,200rpm.
  13. Yeah, then put a power graph up so we can all have a good laugh.
  14. It's not too bad where i live as it's actually fresh water, but the sea is just the other side of the barrage in the last picture. No rust on it at all (yet). I would like coilovers but they are hard to find for superstrut suspension and expensive. The car handles very well as it is, so will leave that side of things alone
  15. I bought my Corolla Levin about last September (I think). This is how it looked, standard other than a set of Tom's Racing lightweight alloy wheels (15"). After a few months of driving it, the exhaust was falling apart, it was rotten in a few places and some hangers were mashed. I decided to buy a 5Zigen Border Speed 304 exhaust from Japan, it was second hand but not fitted. It cost about £320 once i'd paid import tax on it. This system removes the cat and is manifold back. It's a pretty big bore for a N/A 1.6, it's 2.5". It's a huge weight saving from the standard twin back box system. When fitted, I lost quite alot of torque lower down the rev range but gained a fair bit topend and now the car pulls really hard all the way to the redline. A few of the cars drawbacks are that it dets/pinks at very high RPM, from about 7,800 upwards. I think this is due to the Japanese having better fuel and the car being tuned quite hard as standard. I've decided i'd go for a Megasquirt ECU. I bought it ages ago from a guy in Canada who built it and also built me a custom harness adapter. This should be here soon. Here are my velocity stacks that i'm going to modify to fit my TB's. I'm probably going to run them open with no filters but unsure yet. I bought myself a bonnet that has a scoop from a supercharged Levin. It should be ideal for getting the air into the TB's. I travelled 3.5 hours there and back for it, but parts for a Levin is a rare thing so worth it. I polished the car today and took these pictures of it outside my house.
  16. It all depends on what sort of job you want, maybe £1000 was a bit OTT, but the cost soon mounts up if you want a top job and go to decent bodyshop. I've seen cheap work done on a car in the past and the finish was pathetic, I could have done better with a can of spray paint. You get what you pay for at the end of the day. Based on the damage in the pic, it's worse than mine was, which as I said was over £600, so I'm basing my estimate on that. People seem to think when it comes to paint, most expensive is best, this is not always true. Best thing to do is to ask about and find a place people have used before and they are happy with their cars. 2 years back, I paid £1200 (cash) for a complete respray, pulling out some crash damage, welding in a new slam panel, fitting a bodykit, cutting and chopping in new lights into the front bumper, removing rear spoiler, aerial, door locks, badges, rear wiper, rear washer nipple. They even removed all windows before painting it too. The quality of the work was excellent.
  17. Sorting that out won't cost £1000 unless you fancy getting the whole car done.
  18. http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/sales/151796.htm You'd have to be a mug to pay the asking price though.
  19. I've seen £150 resprays. You definately get what you pay for when it comes to bodyshops.
  20. As far as i'm aware, the GPS is accurate. I had 2 GPS devices and they both read within 1mph of each other. Car speedo's are notorious for over reading. Reason being, if they under read and you got caught speeding, you could sue them. I was just shocked at how much my Levin over reads at relitively slow speeds.
  21. I had GPS on mine and it proves how far out toyota's clocks are. My speed limiter kicks in at 110mph. When I was doing about 80mph my speedo was over reading by about 15kmph. Thats crap. I wonder if the rev counters are just as bad?
  22. Most speedo's are accurate at 45, but they over read at higher speeds.
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