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  1. jayfree

    Ken Bean

    Hi again David I have typed this once but goodness knows where it has gone...so here goes again. I tried your sequence David but it did not work for me I'm afraid. So I have put the question to Toyota to see if they can answer it. Thanks for trying all the same . Much obliged. Ken
  2. Hi again David...have just tried your formula and I am afraid it did not work for me.

    I went thru the sequence as you described and took the car to over 30 miles per hour but not a sound from the haughty lady  that  did, at one time, tell me that I was over the speed limit.

    So what has happened or what I have done when tinkering with the sat nav a few days ago I dont know .


    Not to worry I have asked my local dealer to get on to Toyota to ask them ...the trouble is.... they take such a darn long time before they get around to dealing with the query and then to get  back to you .

  3. jayfree

    Ken Bean

    Thanks David I appreciate your prompt reply ...much obliged. it s a pity I cant get the frosty lady back who tells you. that you are over speed limit.... but yours seem to be OK. Thanks again. Ken
  4. jayfree

    Ken Bean

    I have still lost my lady telling me that I am over the speed limit. Although it was felt a bit of a pain at first I do now miss her and my dear wife feels it is safer to have her back than NOT. I do not have clue how to get her back can any one help with simple instructions please...hopefully not a complicated sat nav thingy 'cos that is where i fail miserably !
  5. being a bit dim today ...can anyone tell how to change from Avensis Club to Auris club ? Thanks
  6. Thanks Frosty...... much appreciated.i will have a look . very grateful.
  7. Thanks for coming back ,much appreciated. My Auris was first registered in November 2014. I bought it last month and have to be frank I am useless with things technical and and handbooks ......so it is going to take me a while to sort this out. I will get round to updating the profile directly .
  8. Just got the auris how to change the display to read mph instead of KMS
  9. i need to put in a post ?

  10. Thanks Raistlin , I appreciate your reply. It is a bit of a shame that the routes do not show if there are high bridges or viaducts but that is probably asking a bit too much. I am most grateful for your time and trouble all the same . Tis very good of you. all the best J3
  11. Has anyone travelled by road / car from Caen to Les Sables d'Olonne France. If so can you oblige me please by telling if there are any Viaducts or High Bridges on route. Many thanks BB
  12. Thanks FB I am obliged to you. I did'nt get any notification of any change from them at all. But thanks I appreciate your help/
  13. I have been Club Toyota Member for 22 years but because I have only used tha breakdown service once and only go through the renewal of membership once per year I have no other contact with them. I dont need them ( ie for help) but they never ever contact me. I have read that they are to cease but no one has notified me! Why are they taking my money still and am I still covered by AA Breakdown ? Are they still in business and should I just belong to the AA or RAC independently? I am only asking here 'cos it ain that easy to get any sense out of the club toyota office. any advice would be app
  14. Many thanks to everyonefor your responses and I appreciate the interest very much and the advice. I conclude that there is little doubt that it would be best to hire an automatic car out there to avoid gear changing etc which wod save a lot of possible fumbling about.. Thanks again , I am grateful to everyone . I think we can now close this subject. All the best to all. Jayfree
  15. Thanks Whitewagon but the car that I would be driving would be a Hire car which is why I am raising this as a possible problem for me. I cannot see the Hire Car companies in France hirnig out right hand drive cars.
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