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  1. What is the opinion of the board on the best brand of 215/45 R17 87W tyres I should be putting on my 2013 Prius T4 for fuel consumption and longevity? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for the warning on running out of fuel Due to the warm weather i have been getting fantastic fuel consumption My last three fill ups have been 570 mies - 42.469 litres to fill the tank, 580 miles - 41.511 litres to fill the tank and 569 miles - 38.142 litres to fill the tank These have all been 40 miles after the range got to 0
  3. I looked at all the options and saw that I could get a new T4 for £19,576.00 The problem is the trade in of my existing car. The hassle factor of getting rid of the existing car with changing the private plate over has caused me problems in the past so I bit the bullet and went to a dealer who will do all this for me - I end up paying more but it's the time over money issue
  4. I've just traded my September 2010 Prius T4 with 80,000 on the clock and was given a trade-in of approximately £8,600. I traded it for a November 2013 T4 with 15,000 on the clock and a price of £19,000
  5. Dacre

    Dab Radio

    Parts King, how much is the DAB conversion for a November 2013 Prius T4?
  6. My Gen 3 Prius T4 is 4 years old in September and will have about 80,000 on the clock, so I will be looking to change. It was 1 year old when I bought it and I am looking at a number of options when I change it 1. Buy the same again - a year old Prius 2. Buy a year old Prius PIP 3. Buy a brand new Prius PIP 4. Buy a brand new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV I'm interested in people's thoughts on the Plug-in cars as I'm still not sure about the charging network. My current Prius T4 returns on average about 59 to 60 MPG and is costing me about 9.5p per mile in fuel and hasn't missed a beat in the 32 months of ownership. Comments welcome from your experiences
  7. The 4 cars I owned from before my curent Prius were 2 x Mercesdes E Class Estate diesels and 2 x Chrysler 300C Estate diesels. I realised I was doing 15,000 business miles a year with my car costing me 20p per mile and my employer was paying me 16.5p. I also realised that I was spending 90% of the 22,000 mles a year I was doing on my own - why did I need such a large car. After some research I realised that a Prius would save me money on fuel, tax, congestion charge (my employer would save money rather than me) and stress! I drive slightly slower than I used to to help the fuel consumption and arrive at my destination very relaxed. i think the hybrid is a brilliant way to propel a car and I'm seriously thinking about getting a plug in as my next car but will wait until the 2014 Prius is launched before making a decision. The reason for a Prius? I like the shape and it is just about big enough to get me, my kids and all the camping stuff in (with a roof box and bike rack on the back).What really swung if was the 5 year warranty. I bought my Prius when it was 12 months old and will run it for three years and then change. It will be under warranty the whole time. I was caught with a couple of big repair bills on one of the Mercs and one of the Chryslers when they were over 3 years old. The Toyota 5 year warranty gives me peace of mind.
  8. Dacre

    Motorway Driving

    Again to debunk the myth of poor motorway MPG. I left Bath late yesterday afternoon and got up to the M4 junction with 61.3 MPG on the digital readout. I arrived home in West London a couple of hours later having driven down the M4 and one junction of the M25. I set the cruise control at 68mph for most of the journey and the digital readout was reading 64.5 MPG
  9. Sorry - I'm sure this has been done before but I couldn't see anything recent I need new tyres for my Gen 3 T4 Prius The current tyres are Michelin Primacy 215/45 R17 B7W Are these the best to replace it with or is there anything else that is better? Thanks in advance
  10. But did either of them look behind them or did they just pullout? :)
  11. Its 12 months to the day since I picked up my Gen 3 2010 Prius T4. I had a Chrysler 300C Diesel estate which I traded in for the Prius. My Prius was 13 months old when I purchased it, had 13,000 miles on the clock and was an ex Toyota Management car. I have driven 22,500 miles in the 12 months - the majority of these miles were motorway miles. I reset Trip B to 0 when I picked the car up and I have left this untouched. The average MPG on the trip is 61.0 MPG and the average speed is 35mph. The fuel consumption is better than I expected and would like to think it will get better over the next couple of years. The best tank I have got was 524 miles at and average of 67.5 mpg. I realise the trip computer MPG figure is a couple of MPG better than the true figure but it is so much better than the 37 MPG that I was getting on the Chrysler Apart from having the car serviced twice, I haven't spent any money on it apart from petrol and insurance. The car hasn't missed a beat, has started everytime and driving it has reduced my stress levels as I have slowed down slightly to try and improve my fuel consumption. Am I pleased with my purchase? Yes, very much so and I look forward to another couple of years of driving before I think about changing it
  12. Since I have had the bike bar fitted it has been serviced twice at different Toyota dealers and no comment has been made although I haven't had any work done under warranty
  13. The Thule Dealers weren't very helpful so i spoke to Thule Direct - the Towing people rather than the roof rack people and they gave me all the details including the part numbers I needed to order. I then spoke to the dealer in Reading and they had to speak to the Thule Towing people to get all the details Try this link for details of the kit http://www.thule.com/en/GB/Products/Towing/TowingSystems and click on 'Find your perfect fit' in the bottom left hand corner of the page
  14. The 3 bike rack was not included in the price - I have a Thule one from a few years ago which is brilliant
  15. Barry The full kit including electrics and fitting was £422.40 - it seemed expensive at the time but I have used it so many times this summer it has been well worth it. Tim