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  1. As Paul mentioned, the valve itself isn't the part that clogs up it's the part as it enters the manifold, i remember mine was clogged solid at 20k ! just after i'd bought it. It's simple to take the plastic cover off the valve mech and operate it by hand to make sure it moves.
  2. I've had this one for 3 years now and still going strong. Goes to the left of the steering wheel so its a good spot for charging and not in the eyeline.
  3. the only way i've found to do this is to take the map sd card out.
  4. I find the Stereo in mine more than acceptable, sound better when playing from USB, Bluetooth or CD but there's a variety of options to adjust the EQ. The only thing I find at slow speeds the volume has to be turned up a lot as it turns it up as you go faster.
  5. The water pumps are also a common issue on this model, get the car to temperature and run the heater at full heat and power for a few mins and it should purge the system and stop the gurgling but will be good to get the pump checked out, a sign is white marks under the engine cover above the aux belt oh the lh side of the engine.
  6. Looking to sell my Tuning box provided by Lindop Toyota, bought in 2016 I no longer require it due to a car change. The car is a 2010/11 Avensis d4d with the 1AD-FTV Engine. the box works perfectly greatly increasing the performance. I paid £350 for it, would be looking for £200 ONO.
  7. I found taking off cleaning and re seating the boot seal solved my water ingress issue to the spare wheel well.
  8. Once you know where the bolts are they aren't too bad to get off and swap. Take all the bolts holding the bumper underneath off, there is 1 half way up each wheel arch behind the liner and small plastic pin you give a half turn and pull out on each wheel arch. under the bonnet remove the from plastic by taking out all the pins, if I remember rightly there's 3 bolts holding the bumper at the top, after the it should come off by tugging at the bumper by starting at the wheel arch. once the bumper is off there is a bolt holding the headlight near the wing and one down by where the top of the bumper just came off, the unit should come out with a good tug. all using a 10mm socket.
  9. Hi Peter

    Thank you very much for your suggestion regarding a water sound under the dashboard.

    I Did what you suggested and it worked. It also has helped the engine to get to temperature. Thanks again. Never realised how high the temperature setting goes up too.

    Thanks again.



  10. I had similar issue with water in the spare wheel part and it was the boot seal causing the issue, take it off clean and re fixing it sorted it.
  11. Had this on my 56plate d4d. Run the heater on full for a bit and it should prime the system. turned out to be a failing water pump on mine.
  12. I've had them in the t27 headlights and they do just fit but in my opinion they aren't as bright as standard halogen regardless of what the packaging says and they are quite loud due to the fans to keep them cool.
  13. I've had one of the boxes from Lindop for just over a year now, good bits of kit and certainly do give it a lot more shove! regarding fuel consumption I haven't had one tank of fuel where I have achieved above the figures I got before the box was fitted this includes long motorway runs. was getting 47-50mpg before and 43-45mpg since fitting it but it's a lot more fun to drive and does smooth out the flat spots.
  14. Still haven't got to the bottom of this, if anything the issue is getting worse, I can now feel a vibration through the steering wheel from 20mph all the way up to 70/80 with not much change in the intensity or frequency, possibly slightly more noticeable at higher speeds, braking, accelerating and steering don't seem to affect it. I've tried rotating the tyres and tried different wheels which don't change the symptoms, I've also put new discs and pads on with no change. Had a couple of mechanics check it over and can't see anything obvious, only noticeable thing is the slight clunk from the front right shock when the car is lifted up.