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  1. Thermometer arrived so I tested it when not in auto and it goes down to 4.2°C! Thanks to everyone for your replies. At least now I have a way of telling when to have it regassed. It's 8 years old and been regassed twice now (second time the other day). Not bad.
  2. Ah, auto was the issue. Didn't realise. Thermometer coming (had used air con engineer's one). Expect it will drop down now. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, will get Toyota to check them at the next service. Do you know if it's possible to force it to go as cold as possible, just so I've got an idea of how cold it will go.
  4. Does anyone know if the air con on a 2014 Auris hybrid is computer controlled? I'd measured the temperature of the air coming out of the cabin vents and unlike a manual system, it varies between around 7°C and 11°C for no apparent reason other than it starts out colder and then warms up, even if I have the temperature set to Low. I happened to have another of my cars being regassed so they also checked out the Auris and found the refrigerant gas level to be down from what it's supposed to be (470ml I believe) to 340ml (no leaks detected). So they regassed it but the temperature at the vent is still behaving the same way. I presume what's happening is that the computer is deciding I don't need the air con on full and so it's only dropping it down as much as it decides is necessary. I'd be grateful if anyone has any knowledge or insight into how it works and if it's possible to set it to be controlled manually (if only to test the lowest temperature it can get to).
  5. Hi Can anyone tell me how to get to the amber LEDs that illuminate the ignition switch surround on an 07 plate Auris. Mine have eventually died and I'd like to replace them. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. That was exactly the info I needed.
  7. most cig lighters sockets have a clip you prees to remove it,make sure you ignition is off incase you short it out. Presumably I've got to get the centre console out to get behind it, so perhaps my question should be, how do I get the centre console out?
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know how to remove the cigarette lighter socket from an Auris TR MMT (07 plate). Mine's got an intermittent fault. It must be simple to remove, but I obviously don't want to damage the centre console trying to take it out, so I thought I'd ask here first. Thanks Cliff
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