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  1. love the wheels and so cool lowered
  2. daftbaws


    sally i bought on off these through e bay i would love to get another sticker for mynew car do you know where i can get one it would be much appreciated
  3. daftbaws

    Auto Trader

    i was on auto trader site and decided to look at reviews for iq. it used to have four and a half stars but last two reviewers were less than kind . it truly amazes me that people can buy an iq then complain the luggage space is not great or the room in the back was tight . you had to slow down at speed bumps.. did they have no common sence or not see this amazing car before buying it. ireread the comments several times and realised these two would complain if it was dark at night. i love little budda 3 and think it is iconic and people still stop me and ask about it . with mini and fiats common a muck i like being in on the best kept secret the iq will be a future classic.
  4. i realise that all cars when first become avalible thier could be improvements but they are so trivial on my iq 3 i don't require to mention them . what i do think however the iq could in the future be as iconic as the mini and fiat 500 . both have had a massive revival but toyota has developed something completely origional and i belive beautiful and classic .. mark my words if you have one keep it and in many years time it will be a valuble asset. i love my car as i did with my iq 2 but i like the iq3 better the chrome wing mirrors bigger wheels and engine.. i also like its still quite rare in my hometown so that all i have to say and well done toyota .. sticking by thier guns and keeping price high .
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