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  1. Mine saw plenty of banging in the rear!
  2. Erm thats the worst respray in history, look at the overspray in the front wheel arch. look at the interior shot, can you see that he hasnt bothered spraying the inside of the door jams, they are still grey. That job has effectively devalued it. I sold my TS 2 years ago for 5k, hes having a laugh at that price!
  3. That sounds like my old one! Sold it to a guy in nottingham! it had horns, blue window tints, eyebrows, booster front lip and skirts!
  4. no its not 4x4. It will be worth jack all so i'm going to thrash it to death for 3 years until the warranty runs out!
  5. Alright guys, remember me!? Well i sold my YTS and bought a golf cab for the summer. However the golf was cheap and had some spare cash and got myself another car....wait for it A Suzuki Ignis Sport! brand new, delivery miles, £5995. I cant believe what a bargain it was! its so much more fun it is than the Yaris, it doesnt spin the wheels at all compared to my YTS and is definately quicker due to its low gearing (dies at 115mph where my yaris kept on to 120mph) oh and its yellow................. :D
  6. I left a company who produces massive amounts of parts for rover last year. if i had stayed, i would have got a redundancy payout! Gutted! Shame about Rover though, 15k jobs will be lost in my area which is a huge amount. Glad i'm out of it for a change
  7. Nor me! They are good in the dry but dangerous in the wet! Very hard wearing though and i only paid £52 each fitted for a 205/40/17 at my local tyre place
  8. Earpl is correct, it happened to mine too! 10 second job to fix!
  9. Thats my old one! looking good mate, looks cleaner than when i sent it you!
  10. used, legal versions with reflectors £70 inc postage which is a tenner
  11. MY TS was sold today :( however i'll be back here end of the year once i've had my cabriolet summer fun, probably with a corrolla TS Thanks for all your help over the last year And i'll see you again..............for sure!
  12. Radtoy

    Trd Oild Cap

    Replica job, from the states, blue anodised, A month old but sold my car today! £10 inc postage
  13. Well you cant blame me for trying! The fascia conversion is £78 on its own. i'm not desperate though as the HU is well worth keeping for my new car.
  14. Back to standard i go! You give me your toyota standard CD player and a nice clean parcel shelf and £200 cash I give you A complete fascia conversion, a £280 panasonic stereo, a parcel shelf with £130 worth of 6x9 properly fitted, £30 worth of cabling to fit and we are both happy chappys! Anyone up for this?
  15. teweks, PM me your email addy and i'll send some Cheers for your comments Lee, mk1 golf it is...if i sell it in time to buy the one i want!
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