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  1. Any idea's? Here is the what the roof bars, and what they did to the doors. This is after just over a month.
  2. Hello, Has anyone got roof bars on one of these? I had them fitted when I bought the car but they have put holes in the rubber around the frame, and also slightly damaged the doors. I guess they were not put on properly? Does anyone use anything besides the Toyota supplied one?
  3. Thanks for that. And yes good point about owners with good/bad experience. That can be the problem with the internet, it makes looking for *any* car a daunting experience because they all have owners who have had problems! Is the head-gasket problem more common with a particular engine (petrol or diesel)?
  4. Hello, I am about to buy a new car and the Verso is my current favourite (also thinking about a Mazda5, but prefer the Verso), probably two years old or less (maybe even new). I have heard about: 1) Head gaskets going 2) Gearbox problems (with MMT gearboxes) Are either of these problems on cars made in the last couple of years? Any other problems I should be aware of? I understand that no cars are perfect but it would be nice to know in advance. Also, the price difference between new and a year or two old seems to be pretty small. Any particular opinions on going new/nearly new specifically on the Verso? Thanks!
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