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  1. First , I'd just like to say hi to everybody! I been a "lurker" for months but now i got a problem i could use some help with. I have a 1993 Corolla , 5-speed 1.6 Base model, (no frills). Yesterday, me and the wife were heading to the store. Stopped at a stop sign, and when i drove off ,as i was shifting to 2'nd gear, the car quit running. The car will crank like normal but never fire up....I took two of the plugs out and found that there in no spark. Before I start spending money (that i don't have) on distributor and coil, etc... Is there anything else I should be checking first before i head to the parts store?? I know basic maintenance and can swap out just about any part i need too but I AM NO MECHANIC!!! LOL Any help would be appreciated..thanks in advance!
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