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  1. same with mine, it was a friend that pointed it out, funnily enough tho, ever since the bulb blew on my drivers side its stopped doing it i think, sucks if its actually an ECU issue, just another "quirk" for the car on a list that seems to be growing in size, but not really in severity daily. It does seem that the "no problems with my toyota" should be changed to "problems, but never major enough to warrant spending"
  2. I sadly can't offer any constructive help or advice, but there has to be an easier and more cost effective solution to this
  3. This is one of the things holding me back from getting a new headunit, I've yet to really see a double done fascia that fits perfect though hopefully someone else will be able to offer you better advice. I've been looking at the 3100 through to 3300 at the moment as they look like an absolute bargain so do please let us no if you find one thats a good fit. Regards
  4. Anyone know how to turn off the alarm on the TSport? 5 or 6 times a day this little bugger is going off and neigthbours are, i imagine, getting a little annoyed by now. I suspect the problem is down to my window seal on the passenger side which is a bit nackered, theres actually a gap in the top corner where there is no seal at all, due to a breakage in the past of the rubber i imagine, could be something entirely different but is there any way to disable the alarm? I could always disconnect the battery but thats a hassle also. Kind Regards, Danny
  5. could be electronic throttle, its been a year or so since i read the topic, hazey on almost all the details im afraid
  6. i read a topic a while back and it was only possible to fit cruise control to a 1.6 facelift, this was because that particular version had an electronic clutch while our models do not, from what i remember the topic concluded it was not possible for those without the electric clutch
  7. if you are earning 1200 a month just save for 4months and buy the car outright and pay monthly for your insurance after than point, plenty of facelift Tsports on ebay atm for 3-4K with good mileage. Would never recommend the finance route, can get messy
  8. Not to call you out but are you certain about this? I really hope you are right but I got an email back from the owner of http://www.corollatsport.net/CorollaTSport/Home.html and he did the facelift mod and he was telling me he needed to make headlight mounts and all sorts to make it all fit. If it really is just a case of new lights and new bumper i am well for this, saves me having to sell mine and buying the facelift. My father also has got an E12. I got the facelift, he has got the pre-facelift. We took off his bumper and headlights once, to fix a wire from the headlight bulbs. Then we changed the bumpers once for fun, and they fitted without any problems. But I have to say that it was with the stock bumpers. I don't know about the TTE front. Grtz ;) Oh my, thats my next mod sorted then, many thanks thats a massive help, will look lush
  9. Not to call you out but are you certain about this? I really hope you are right but I got an email back from the owner of http://www.corollatsport.net/CorollaTSport/Home.html and he did the facelift mod and he was telling me he needed to make headlight mounts and all sorts to make it all fit. If it really is just a case of new lights and new bumper i am well for this, saves me having to sell mine and buying the facelift.
  10. Hey guys, just figured id throw up some pictures and videos of my new in car media centre, the cd changer to aux has yet to arrive but everything else is in place and working. The system is running a hacked o2 joggler (£50) with linux and XBMC, the joggler has an atom processor, 512MB ram and a 7" capacitive touchscreen, it is all extremely impressive stuff and works perfectly, but this isn't the best part. The best part is that the o2 Joggler has a stand, this stand fits perfectly as an anchor into the ashtray section of the center console, 100% secure, 100% tight. This media center requires no modification to your car or its center console in the slightest and is probably one of the first media center solutions that really is plug and play but still retaining a professional and sleek look The software side was challenging to get working properly but from a hardware perspective, less than a second to mount where the ashtray normally goes. Hardware wise, im running it through to the cd changer, this means i can have radio and mpg and all the jazz of my normal headunit, then have it AUXd for output from the media center. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOLapSczwC4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH9Lwop1AZY
  11. People looking to show off go for TypeRs, people looking to blend in with normal traffic until the moment when it matters go for the TSport. The Type R is a outward show of speed, it tells people you have a fast car, and with that comes attention, sometimes bad in way of police etc The TSport is conservative in its looks, nobodys turning heads at such a grown up car and with that comes a lack of attention, which is fantastic when you see the look on the face of some when you hit lift Thats why i baught mine anyway, im sure others would disagree, but i like the stealth, the wolf in sheeps clothing, the look that i'm driving a sensible and grown up car.
  12. TSports have electric power steering, what level are you looking at? Regards.
  13. i don't no if the problems are related as i've started using my heating in the car the last few days (for the first time, baught the car 6months ago and never needed it) and mine seems really ****ty, like blowing really luke warm ****ty air on my in no particular rush
  14. insane! my friend had a cupra r mapped, absolute !Removed! and he was still averaging 30-33mpg, very roomy, nice to look at and go like **** off a shovel, good choice indeed, good job you didn't go yellow though, the cupras i've seen in yellow fade like a !Removed!!
  15. show! After what you've done with the CTS i'd love to see pics of yotur new ride and your plans for it!
  16. From what i've read you're better off shifting at 6k in first then lifting from second onwards for optimum speed. This could have been off youtube though so don't take it as gospal. Not that any of this fixes your problem, but if its out of warranty id personally wait until it gets worse if it isn't going to damage anything. edit, just saw you say you have 3month warranty so dissregard, just take it back, its not your problem to diagnose x
  17. Got a Tsport 2003, i no i can go the CD changer route to aux with an adapter for £30 off ebay, im just wondering if there is a cheaper or different way, or maybe a makeshift hack i could do to save a few quid. Kind Regards, Danny
  18. I do this every week, not alot of petrol stations on my route and bad planning means that i always go past the last mark, i drove a further 25miles after it had gone past the last mark before i got to a station and it still didnt cut out. Depends how you drive, but 25miles past the very last needle seems ok.
  19. I've managed to get hold of another o2 joggler after frying my launch model. the 7" touchscreen, decent cpu and ram, linux and android support make it ideal for a headunit alternative and an absolute steal at £50 new. Im thinking of mounting in a double din shell moulded in, the problem i have is getting the audio out, currently theres a 3.5mm output on the back of the joggler, so if theres a way to modify my headunit wiring loom to allow 3.5mm input we'd be in business to make this work really well. Video of joggler running squeezebox under ubuntu: Will allow movies,music,games (snes emulator running through bluetooth controller) ,applications, and, can throw a usb hub into the mix for 3G dongles, bluetooth, external gps and a host of other additions. I'd lose radio but thats the only downside at the moment i think. Let us no if im been daft, its been done here in an mx5: http://www.mp3car.com/show-off-your-project/142901-joggler-car-computer-project-2009-mazda-mx-5-a.html seriously, click the link, amazing.
  20. This shouldnt break the engine should it? I mean, this is what the rev limiter is for no?
  21. If the doorcards are still available id be well up for that bud, where abouts in norfolk are you as im norwich/yarmouth areas. Regards, Danny
  22. Mine does this to, mines come on, probably nearly 10 times now in the 4months i've owned it. From what i researched, it can be anything, tires too flat? emissions not quite right? balancing out? there are so many things apparently associated with this problem and the obd reader didnt pick anything up when i plugged it in later that day! I need to do a service on it now anyway so im hoping a nice blast of newness might sort it out. But either way i don't think its anything to worry about, i don't even notice it until i look down, car behaves the same so no biggie.
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