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  1. Thanks for your comments, i will give them a try. good forum and prompt response thank guys (and girls)
  2. Hello everyone, not a major issue but more of an annoyance. I have a sound from the drivers foot well when the clutch pedal is depressed.It sounds as a faint grinding sound but there is no ruffness in the feeling of the operation of the clutch, so i guess this rules out any wear in the cable. I intend to give a quick spray to the pedal linkages with wd40 but just wondering if any other owners have had the same problem and how you rectified the noise. The noise is not always present, just comes and goes. Though i have noticed that if i depress the pedal in quick succession the noise goes away for a while. Could it just be the cables dry?? by the way its a 1.8vvti on a 2005 plate with only 40k. Any suggestions be grately appreciated, before i go down the road of replacing cable.. Cheers....
  3. Hi all, can anyone supply image/part number for the screw that secures the plastic battery cover, over the battery on a 2005 avensis 1.8vvti, since owning this car it has never had one on so dont know exactly what it looks like. Would just like to put things back to original as at the moment its held on with a wing nut, which doesnt quite look right though doing the job for now. ta
  4. Thanks i bare that in a 3yr warranty on this one so i see how it goes. just strange that the battery doesnt last as long as other cars i have had. Its not that i even do short journeys, each day to work is over 100 miles so gets plenty of charge, and i had alternater checked and all ok.
  5. The other two where toyotas own make, my newest is a Bosch, well see how long it lasts. Not had any trouble other than 2 year battery life, so i should'nt grumble i guess.
  6. Hello all out there, just to post a question if any one with an 2005 1.8vvti has had problem with battery usage being a problem, on third battery in 6 years. not much of a complaint but just other cars i have owned, battery lasted much longer. Just wondered if its a known problem or just me...
  7. Hi to all out there, give it a day or two i might just get the hang of things.......