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  1. Yes tried sereral new bulbs but still not joy. Thanks
  2. Hi. I am having a problem with my drivers side rear light indicator. It wont light up. I have checked the bulb and still nothing. Brakes lights, Indicators and fogs all working both sides. Just the drivers side light not lighting up. ( Light work fine on other side) Nothing indicating a problem on the dash. I have traced the wires back but nothing seems to be causing an issue. Any ideas would help Thanks
  3. Hi. I have a 06 plate Hilux. 100 000 miles on the clock Has two large batteries fitted. To power the additional speakers and audio system inside. I have been told it may be a South African import but this has not been confirmed but the plate under the bonnet states SA. I am in the UK The problem I have been having is the battery light on the dash stays on. At first it was coming on intermittently but after about 3 weeks it now appears to be staying constantly. I drove 100miles without it coming on stopped for a coffee, restarted truck and the light had come on. It has been in my local garage and the alternater has been looked at. (thought to have been refurbished). This did'nt show any signs of solving the problem. The alternator has been tested off the truck on the bench and was found to be fully working. They have also fitted two new regulators which also has not solved the problem. Wiring has been tested on the truck and found to be ok I am reluctant to take it to Toyota due to the cost (new alternator costing over £500) Has anyone come across this problem before or have any idea to its cause If you need any more information please contact. I could do with any help asap as I am really stuck without my truck Thanks Any help appreciated.