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  1. Hmmm - I have the same problem. I had a third-party towbar fitted just after taking delivery of the vehicle in March 2010. On the occasion of the RAVs third service in March 2011, I was informed that the rear fogs were not working - the Toyota dealer suggested that the towbar installer (whom I've used for 20+ years without problem on a variety of vehicles) had forgotten to wire up the rear fogs: I recall the towbar fitter telling me at the time of installation that it would be nigh on impossible to wire up the towboard/bar rear fog due to some access issues, which was OK with me. I'm 99% certain that the rear fogs on the car were working after the towbar and electrics were fitted - in any case, there was apparently not a problem at the first and second services... My 'symptoms' are otherwise similar: dash warning light for rear fogs illuminates, all fuses and relays fully functional. I'm at the stage now where the towbar fitters and Toyota are 'in discussion' - the fitters are saying they don't go anywhere near the rear fog lights, Toyota say 'you've cut into the multiplex wiring' - in the latter case, the rear fogs would never have worked and I'm sure that they did. Neither light works so I'm not suspecting a 'connector' issue - I'd be interested to hear the resolution of the problem - or not! Simon.