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  1. Thanks, managed to find one off a car being broken. Once fitted I'll spend some time giving the old one a thrashing. The little rubber boot is solid with rust, thats how bad it is.
  2. I'm looking for an OSF brake caliper carrier for a 2005 2.0 D4D. One of the slider pins has rusted solid and refuses to move. Is there any other model that uses the same bracket ?
  3. typan

    Controle Lights

    yes that's what i was trying to get across, sorry, trying to watch the F1 at the same time. I take it i'll need to remove the panel to take a look at them and see what's going on.
  4. My heater and blower controls do not light up at night, should they ? Could it be a fuse or would something else not light up?
  5. I've just had a price for a cambelt change on my 2.0 D4D. £250 That's for the full kit, fitted. Does that sound like a good price ?
  6. typan

    Which Oil ?

    I have a 2.0 D-4D and I can't find a definite answer to which oil to use, is it 5/30 or 10/40 ?
  7. typan

    Hand Book

    Did you manage to take a look ?
  8. 2005, 2.0 D-4D Colour Collection
  9. typan

    Hand Book

    Where can i get my hands on one of these ? The one that tells you about all the controls and in particular the radio, I've sussed most of it out, but I'd still like one in case I've missed anything.
  10. Thought I had better start here and say hello ! I've just recently bought a Corolla 2.0. D-4D colour collection, and I have to say I'm really pleased with it. I traded in my Clio sport as it was eating funds at a rapid rate ! Ok I haven't got the performance any more, but the mpg is great and replacement parts a snip in comparison.