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  1. Chris_munday posted this thread on the subject last year: Here I've quote his post below and attached the image he took. It worked for me - have a good read of it and give it a go.
  2. It should fit your SR180 without any problems. It will fit Auris 2007-2009 models.
  3. I've had major improvements with it too, the engine never idles rough and goes through the gears seamlessly - it my opinion it works and I know it will work for anyone - it is definitely not Snake Oil - used it for years and at every service.
  4. I understand where you are coming from Scott. According to Parkers the MPG for this model is 52 mpg. I am only now getting somewhat close to it, having managed 49.8 mpg. I'm not sure whether 52 mpg is even achievable irrespective of miles done. a) Only get the car serviced in an independent garage, not the local Toyota dealership so the ECU has never been updated nor taken for any recalls as of yet - just don't have the time to (Window Switch recall - is there a new ECU update available for this model, that I am unaware of, which can give even better mileage?) b ) I've never been one to floor it, I tend to keep the rpm to a minimum at all times. For instance at 30mph the engine speed would be around 1200rpm. At 40mph I would be in 5th gear at 1400rpm. At around 65/70mph I would be in 6th gear at around 1850/1900rpm. I change gears at around 1700/1800rpm, the engine doesn't hesitate, it just keeps going along steadily. The cruise control was more for the fact I didn't have to use the accelerator at all times when a decent stretch of road opened up without traffic. c) Bought at 77,000 in 2010 - now at 128,000. If you have any tips I could perhaps use in order to get even better mileage - I would absolutely love to hear them! Thanks!
  5. That's fine, the point I was trying to make was that since owning the car in 2010 and driving tens of thousands of miles a year in it. I only ever managed approximately 300 miles per tank. This has now gone up to 500 miles per tank out of nowhere... It's a huge difference for me personally as I don't know what caused this increase in miles... I apologize if this thread has caused any confusion..
  6. This is a very interesting subject. One that has completely baffled me since my last full service. I have had my car since 2010. It is a Toyota Auris 2.0 D4-D 1AD-FTV. Ever since owning it 4 years ago, I have had dreadful MPG. Even with driving at 30mph in 4th Gear or 65-70mph on the motorway in 6th Gear - I could only ever achieve around 300 miles before I got the low fuel message on the dash board. To say this was frustrating is an understatement I'd rather not use bad language. In my mind I thought I had tried everything there was to try in order to try to improve the mileage or at least try to figure out where I was going wrong. HOWEVER back in July 2014 a *Miracle* happened. Even to this day I cannot for the life of me believe that this is happening but it has and I do not know why. What I can do is explain to the best of my knowledge what I did in the time leading up to my improved mileage - maybe the same 'tricks' can work for you and everyone on this Auris sub-forum. It began like this: Since acquiring the car in 2010, I had been using Castrol Edge Turbo Diesel 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil. Then since May 2012 to around June 2014 I began using Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 which took a lot of strain off the engine, this was especially seen on cold starts and motorway driving. It was amazing, worked wonders but was ultimately for those willing to pay a premium. With the fuel economy issues still reeling - I had sort of given up on the idea of caring and nourishing the car as it wasn't really doing anything for me in terms of economy and I slowly went back onto using Castrol Edge Turbo Diesel 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - it didn't cost the earth and did just as good a job as Mobil 1. Now with the engine oil swap overs I saw a relatively small improvement from time to time, from getting approximately 300 miles per tank I saw an increase to about 320 miles per tank. An extra lubricant I have always added to any car I've owned is Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil Treatment - it works wonders by bonding to metal surfaces without changing the properties of the oil, it reduces friction and ultimately puts less wear on the engine. You can buy them in 100ml and 250ml bottles. I usually buy the 100ml bottles (5 x 100ml bottles to be precise) from my supplier as it worked out alot cheaper. For the Auris I would drain the old oil (using Forte Engine Oil Flush) and add the new engine oil before adding the ZX1 - the instructions say add 225ml to a 2000cc engine (it comes with a leaflet telling you how much to add as per engine size). I would add 3 bottles (300ml) it does not harm the engine, just means theres a lot more friction remover in there (the more the merrier I say). The remaining 200ml would be used in the Gearbox Oil (150ml) and also the Fuel Tank (50ml). The Gear shifts would be a lot smoother and precise and the fuel tank would be lubricated and as the treatment went through the fuel system it would reduce wear on the components. Upon viewing the results my full tank miles went from approximately 320 miles to 340 miles per tank (regardless of whether I was driving with the foot firmly down on the motorway or driving conservatively on the motorway or public roads. I still didn't think this was good enough and I'm sure neither would anyone else. Now - In July 2014 I had my annual full service (brake discs, pads, engine oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, pollen filter and this time round I had my gear box oil changed too and also added Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil Treatment to the engine oil, gearbox oil and the fuel tank). Also take into consideration that I had purchased the optional Cruise Control for the Auris back in February 2012 for £28.99. I had not used it a lot since then - maybe once or twice on the motorway, I mean it was there on the steering wheel but it was forgotten... if you understand where I am coming from... Shortly after having the full service done, I thought I would use as much of the remaining fuel in the tank before I fill it up again and add ZX1 Treatment and Forte Diesel Treatment and also give the engine a steam jet wash as it had a lot of oil and grease in the bay. It was cleaned up like new. At around 20 miles according to the range on the dashboard the Low Fuel light came on. I had never taken it below around 18 miles I would just immediately fill the tank up. I drove around until I reached 6 miles, staying close to a petrol station - I didn't want to be left stranded far from home without any fuel or breakdown cover. At this point I headed for the Shell Petrol Station and filled up on Shell V-Power Diesel until the tank almost brimming giving me enough head-way to add the 50ml of ZX1 Treatment and 400ml of Forte Diesel Treatment. I always reset the odometer completely from the time spent driving to the average mpg, etc. Everything gets reset when I fill up. The next morning on the way to work I thought I would start using Cruise Control all the time on the motorway and on the local roads. Rather then keep the odometer on the total miles the car has done, I always keep it on the amount of miles it is doing since its been filled up. At around 300 miles I checked the range on the dashboard and it said 80 miles left. I was completely shocked and bewildered - how was this happening? Then at 350 miles it was showing 50 miles left. at the 400 mile mark it showed the low fuel warning. I was shocked as it went from 340 miles per tank to 400 miles over a two week period. I then filled up with diesel again - I wasn't being picky - I just went to my local Esso Petrol Station which is 15 seconds away from my house. I continued using cruise control anbd staying within local speed restrictions at all times. For instance at 30mph when cruise control can kick-in I would use 4th gear, the engine speed would be around 1200rpm. At 40mph I would be in 5th gear at 1400rpm At around 65/70mph I would be in 6th gear at around 1850/1900rpm. Again over the next two weeks I gained more miles per tank. this time it turned out to be an extra 40 miles to the tank tanking the total to 440 miles before the low fuel light appeared. At this point I didn't care what was causing the increase in mileage I was just happy that after 4 years of owning this car it was finally paying me back. I again filled up the tank until it was brimming - this time with Shell V-Power Diesel. This was on Saturday 9th August 2014 - I was on the way from Accrington to Central London. I was using the cruise control travelling between 70mph and 80mph - 2000rpm to around 2300rpm. I managed to get 499 miles out of the tank according to the odometer it equated to 49.8MPG. I think it is down to the use of cruise control (mainly), along with the engine oil, zx1 treatment and the diesel fuel treatment. I'm finally now enjoying high mileage - I'm seriously chuffed by how well things have finally turned out. I've lived with 300-340 miles per tank for far too long having done 15,000 miles a year, I know I've been hemorrhaging money. I hope this post made some sense. I understand that many of you have suffered from low mileage issues, maybe this may or may not help. I will try to continue to update the progress being made - I hope this improvement stays forever. Thank you for reading.
  7. Hi Nick, One of the garage owners I go to regularly (who is also my Uncle) has a respectable relationship with a prominent Toyota Dealer in Manchester, United Kingdom that always supplies him with Toyota Parts - they know him very well and he was able to get hold of the parts from them - I provided the Part Number he got me the price - I just go to the Dealership and tell them that such a person sent me and they bring out the parts straight away at the highly discounted prices.
  8. That is true. They will fit perfectly on both.
  9. Yes - It is possible to order from Toyota directly. Dual Exhaust Part: PZ439-E9715-00 Rear Skirt Part: PZ439-E9463-AB Nice car Steve - I love the full package but I can't see myself putting it on my car as its Black and it just wouldn't stand out as good as it does on yours! ^_^
  10. I was quoted £185+VAT for the SCV Valve and £90+VAT for labour + update to ECU. £330 in total incl VAT if I remember the total correctly. It was from RRG Salford Quays. I only seem to have the problem during the colder months, but pressing the clutch down, turning the key and continually giving it gas for about 5-10 seconds always works for me.. Then.. even if I turn the engine off and on again straight away the problem is non-existent unless the engine is off for several hours. During Autumn, Spring and Summer the car is fine - I think I'll pass on this for the moment.
  11. That has been tried with BG244 Diesel Fuel and Injector Cleaner regularly, the performance is completely different to not using it in a positive way. However eventually those same issues pop up once the temperatures dip during the colder months. I think the best way around this is the tried and tested method of getting the Valve and ECU update.. Yes it's costly - but nothing else will work... Can anyone provide a place where I can buy this valve at a decent price? I'll get the ECU update from Toyota.
  12. I suppose - I'll leave this option open for some other time, the fog lights look good on that car too - is it yours?
  13. Hi there, Apologies for the almost a year and a half later - I didn't realise. It set me back about £90 for the black rear skirt for the dual exhaust and £250 for the twin exhaust system and an extra £15 for the bolts. Can anyone shed any light on this video: I'd like to know if anyone has attempted to put the angel lights on the Auris as in the video, it looks awesome..
  14. I'd like to know that aswell :)
  15. Having spent alot of time trying to figure out what is going on with the rear lights. I still can't work it out. The fuse is fine. I'll be taking it to my local garage maybe they can shed some light on this issue... Will let you know how it goes.
  16. Hi all, Thank you for your responses! I've checked the wiring and there does not seem to be any issues with it whatsoever... I really don't know what is causing it.. I doubt it can be the fuse box as I would have presumed that all the lights on the right side would have stopped working... I will however check the 10A fuse when I get a chance in the morning and give an update. The car has been rock solid since I bought it in 2010, this has been the biggest issue to date! Can there be any other possible causes or diagnostics I can carry out to rule anything else out? Thanks.
  17. My rear right parking light has gone... all other bulbs work..... I have tried 13 bulbs, none of which seem to work, anyone have an idea as to what could cause it? Was driving home tonight from work with a police car behind me the entire time, luckily I was not pulled over although I had a load of spare bulbs with me. Thanks.
  18. Thanks for the reply, where did you get it tinted from? Is the finish good? I'm looking to get a car done.
  19. Hi i dont understand the question re the percentage How dark is the tint? By percentage, for example if it's a 50% tint it is 50% dark and lets through 50% light. If it's 70% dark, it lets through 30% light.
  20. Nice, I presume you've had your windows tinted too? What was the percentage? it looks great.
  21. Hi guys, Here is another Spoiler listed: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-AURIS-TMG-ROOF-SPOILER-/200833367375?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2ec299fd4f Already painted in Black! Good luck and let us know which of you guys is lucky enough to win it....
  22. Let us know how you get on, I'd like to fix this problem too.
  23. I've attached the instructions to this post. Roofspoiler PZ439-E9474-AB AIM 000 794-3.pdf
  24. This is what the majority of people are using right now, they lower the car by 25mm I'm using them on my Auris: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Auris-lowering-springs-PZ439-E9722-00-/300785013450?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item46082f12ca (bear in mind it used to be £25 for the set of 4, but the seller has unusually put the price up now....) Be sure to ask the seller whether it will fit your 1.33, as I'm not too sure. You can see the side of my car to see how much lower it has gone: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=138564&view=findpost&p=1225975
  25. Congrats on the purchase. You won't be disappointed :)