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  1. Got the street view working but a complete let down you can only see the st view when you are not moving, I expected to see st view as you was moving ? Anyone know any good apps to open on the Yaris.
  2. After the read abit more I see it's the same thing, well I have had some success i had my Toyota on my IPad but not on my phone loaded it on phone and turned on hotspots and now can get weather, fuel, etc so çonnection to internet working now. but now need to find out how to get street view on satnav. Thanks for your help...
  3. Thanks Graham I have read through the links and seems ID mobile don't want you to use tethering, I have personal hotspots which I can turn on but my grandchildren seem to think if I turn this on other users can use it ? I can not find on my phone settings tethering.
  4. I see you have the same model as me can you connect to internet and get all the features on the hybrid yes I have hotspots and know it must be turned on, I am on ID mobile sim Terry
  5. Still not connected to internet will go down to Toyota and ask them for help
  6. I have registered the car but got the date wrong first time round so redone will try tomorrow to get street view, thanks for the link
  7. When I select street view it then asked for a subscription? when someone says this must you pay something
  8. I got so far with this but now it's asking me for a subscription what I want to do is get street view on my sat nav any help please Terry btw I have logged in to my Toyota
  9. Thanks it's my first iPhone had one of them little Nokia 6021 i lol
  10. Just got a new phone got it paired with car but for some unknown reason won't connect through the car to the internet any help appreciated terry
  11. How to Switch on power without engine starting hybrid in garage
  12. On the small screen instruments where digital mph displays to the right of this is a line arrows both ends what is it for, cannot find it in the manual
  13. How do you cancel a route when you are half way through the route thanks