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  1. Is there a sensitivity mode that makes your headlights come on sooner rather than later
  2. I understand when you select eco and acceleration is low but when you select nothing and then select power I cannot feel any difference in acceleration of both ?
  3. I have the design model with Pearl red paint job and moon roof car drives like a larger car also has radar so car can drive it’s self also with cruise control so no hands no feet and slows down and stops etc etc
  4. Yes it seems it’s governed by temp now I know that’s ok
  5. Tried everything no go will not stay in recirculating cabin once I turn off goes back to taking air from outside help Never had this problem with my 3 other Yaris BTW will phone dealers if no good reply that’s if they answer in these Covid times
  6. For some unknown reason I cannot keep the Circulating Air on the heater as when I turn on the ignition the heater reverts to taking in air from the outside BTW it used to work Ok any comments welcome
  7. But they support 255 songs ? Can’t see they differ from the others
  8. I plugged my USB stick in the new car and can only see 255 songs but on my 68 Reg Yaris I can get 1150 songs anyone know why I am going to get my songs on the USB stick put on ITunes so I can see them through apple play once I find someone to do it
  9. So am I right in thinking it cannot be done in apple play Sat nav
  10. On old 68 plate Yaris you could setup a over speed where the lady would say you are going to fast cannot seem to find on my new Yaris Hybrid Design
  11. I know roof won’t open but thought the lining might be electric but just seen a video and it’s not electric but spring loaded
  12. Does anyone know if the roof lining on the Panoramic Roof is electric
  13. On the new Yaris is it possible to use CarPlay using Bluetooth or wireless without plugging into USB port
  14. Also has no hand brake but it’s auto
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