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  1. YarisOAP

    Switch on power without engine starting

    Thanks it works
  2. How to Switch on power without engine starting hybrid in garage
  3. YarisOAP

    Small screen hybrid Yaris

  4. YarisOAP

    Small screen hybrid Yaris

    On the small screen instruments where digital mph displays to the right of this is a line arrows both ends what is it for, cannot find it in the manual
  5. How do you cancel a route when you are half way through the route thanks
  6. YarisOAP

    Tinted windows on my new Yaris hybrid

    Yes on the 1st September when it arrives with new photos
  7. will I have a problem with my guarantee if I have tinted film applied to the windows of my 2018 Yaris hybrid of cause will keep front windows legal
  8. YarisOAP

    Good News New 68 plate confirmed Yaris Hybrid

    Chrome Pack (includes chrome side sills, rear chrome trim and chrome exhaust pipe finisher) Protection pack (includes aluminium scuff plates, front and rear mudflaps and rear bumper protection plate) Terry Sent from my iPad
  9. My new Toyota Yaris Hybrid Icon Tech Auto pick up 1st September Nebula Blue protection pack with Ali scuff plates, Style pack Chrome cant wait anything I should look out for all help welcome Terry
  10. YarisOAP

    Yaris hybrid ‘kickdown’

    I have to own upto I thought you had to plug the hybrid in no doubt a lot of people thought this, their adverts need to be better.
  11. YarisOAP

    Yaris hybrid ‘kickdown’

    Don't think you will get more for your car than webuyanycar try that see what it comes out at
  12. YarisOAP

    Yaris hybrid ‘kickdown’

    I had a test drive in a Yaris hybrid icon tech was very impressed with the drive train so put one on order for September delivery
  13. YarisOAP

    New Yaris 64 1.33 V Yaris 61 1.33

    Yes only got 864 miles on her, will keep a look out when we get too a few thousand miles
  14. Anyone else felt the diffrence in acceleration of new Yaris 1.33 v old 1.33 the old one being quicker. Could this be due to new E U rules ?
  15. YarisOAP

    Yaris 64 Plate Usb Plug In Settings Problem

    Let's explain a little more USB stick, On the touch screen I select songs shuffle then random start a song selection and as long As I don't turn off the engine I enjoy songs at random/shuffle of the 1000s. But as soon as turn off it Reverts to,playing the last song with no other songs to random/shuffle just one song Yet the touch screen allows you to alter bass treble etc which sticks and no need to re enter again That's my problem