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  1. Good customer service should be given to customers who support the dealership with their business. Not to those who want to use them to get information to allow them to purchase parts elsewhere and do there own DIY work. Too many people want something for nothing nowadays!
  2. Becareful if you go away from manufactures recommendation. There are threads on here explaining about the 'breather pipe' which is in a different position on non Toyota batteries, this will need to be modified to prevent the possibility of gas build up in the boot area.
  3. I thought the passenger air bag light stays on to warn you that if you put a baby carrier seat on that seat, its a reminder to turn off the air bag at the switch on the dashboard
  4. Has it been serviced recently and is the right oil being used?
  5. In reply to JSHarris, and sorry this is off the original topic, like him I was sceptical about the benefits of winter tyres, having survived without them for 50+ years. Like JSH I'd carried a set of snow chains for years, but only used them once in 2010. But three years ago saw a set on ebay near to me, and having just had a problem getting home in a light covering of snow, the Prius traction control, removing all drive on a slight hill, though I'd bite the bullet and try them. Now three years on I can't emphasise the difference in feel when they're fitted in the winter. The car feels that mor
  6. As Joseph D says code could be associated with ABS. Is it possible that brakes are being applied for a very short time without any feeling of the car slowing and then releasing such as to give the impression of a sudden acceleration?
  7. I don't think the extension bar does eliminates twisting but it certainly helps as you don't have to apply as much pressure to undo the wheel nuts, you can use the other hand to keep applying the perpendicular force onto the locking wheel nut. That's only my impression, as since I had the locking nuts removed I've been very cautious in tightening them up.
  8. Hope you get it sorted. Yes, key was a good fit but not exceptional tight, the angled brace supplied though tends to twist it off causing the problem your experiencing, but I think that's a problem with all cars. By the way have you tried removing the ordinary wheel nuts? I always go around the car after its been in and check I can undo them, as if they've been done up with an air gun they sometimes can be impossible to remove unless you have access to an brace with an extension bar. I bought one once from Aldi, its normal spanner like the one supplied but the handle is telescopic and extends,
  9. I had this problem on prius. Went to local tyre garage and they used a 'spider' brace to remove them as pressure could be applied perpendicular to wheel nuts. After it was removed and anytime now when I remove the wheel nuts I only do the locking ones up firmly rather than crank them up tight like the other wheel nuts,
  10. Would it not be possible to leave the charger connected to a seven day timer switch that would maybe gives it a charge for a period say once or twice a week?
  11. Hi, many years ago I had a Subaru. I parked the vehicle on an industrial estate opposite a Subaru dealership, locked the car with the key fob without problem. Later retuning to the car the fob would not open the locks, so went across road and bought a new key fob battery. Still would not work, the service dept sent one of the mechanics over and we eventually got into the car using the emergency key, this set of the alarm which had to be silenced by entering the pin number. Thought everything would improve but no car imobiliser would not allow engine to start. Dealers personnel were baffled nev
  12. I'm no Scangauge expert but I have read on several other forums, 'Priuschat and 'Caravaner' that the OBDII port is always live. The Scangauge goes into sleep mode when you switch off but it still draws about 15mA. One contributor claims that by just walking close to his vehicle causing the interior light to activate fired up his Scangauge!! As the Battery voltage drops there could be a time when the Scangauge programme gets scrambled and draws more current than normal, like problems with some car alarms. As the hybrid battery is not as substantial as normal vehicles this drain could be over a
  13. Could we be missing something here - has Nicolai been given a new 4 Wheel Drive model by mistake!!!!!
  14. I don't know the original Gen 2 specified tyre speed rating but I always believed you could go up the ratings without problem, buying a higher spec tyre, but not down. You say your original tyres were 'V' rated and now you've fitted 'H's this is a lower rating according to the Blackcircles tyre site http://www.blackcircles.com/general/speedrating. It also refers 'It is very important that you check your speed rating before buying your tyres. Choosing a tyre with a lower speed rating could invalidate your insurance. Maybe worth a call to your insurers!
  15. Toyota did not get type approval for fitting a tow bar. I do know of others on this forum who have fitted them for the use of cycle racks, but as you rightly say If you do tow a trailer and then have a problem then maybe you'd have a real fight about warranty claims. This link may be useful, especially the comments from 'partsking' who is in the trade http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/128669-tow-bar/
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