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  1. robert783


    hi dognobler i changed the vsv it did not cure the problem i shall have to keep trying, do you know what the unit does that fits before the turbo sensor the vacum pipe goes from the manifold to this unit then the vacum pipe goes to turbo pressure sensor
  2. robert783


    i finaly got a vsv and changed it but didnt solve the problem i will have to keep trying
  3. hi everybody who gave me advice on changing the vsv to cure the turbo unfortunatly didnt cure the problem thanks anyway i shall keep trying

  4. robert783


    hi anchor man the pipes seem to be different sizes so i assume they are fittd correctly but i cant find any information to see which way they should be thanks
  5. robert783


    hi dognobler i will have a look at that the thing i did try was to take the multiplug of the vsv the turbo returns to closed so i assume the vsv workes ok thanks
  6. robert783


    hi dognobler iam going to try the vsv i stripped the turbo lst week the vanes were sticky cleaned them all, somebody mentioned cleaning the vsv with wd40 tried that didnt help when i try the vsv let you know how i get on
  7. robert783


    hi igor thanks for the reply i will try that i will let you know how i get on
  8. robert783


    hello mate check with VSV as per this --http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=100034 Cheers/Igor
  9. robert783


    hi everyone new to this i recently bought a 2003 rav4 d4d when i checked the engine levels i noticed the vacum pipe to the wastegate had been blanked off i reconected the pipe but the turbo opened to its maximum on idle when i try to drive the engine will hold back at about 2500 revs and the engine management light comes and the engine dies i can switch it off then it will restart the turbo returns ti closed if i disconnect the vacum pipe any suggestions thanks
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