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  1. thanks firemac, the turbo wasnot kicking but it has some acceleration as i havent driven before any other diesel rav4
  2. the car was from a company here in Cyprus . I drive it today and i found a lot of noise in rear cabin. maybe are the tyres as are semi gravel . the engine fell good but i think it is not very strong .(i am not sure ) i havent feel the turbo kick, i do not know if it was smooth from factory or there is any problem, gearbox was ok but a little rust in sunroof as it is the sport package
  3. i am sorry that i am hearing that , ithought that d4d engines never 'slept'
  4. Hi everyone , this is my first post in your forum about rav 4 model .I live in Cyprus and i found a used toyota rav4 2003 model 2.0 diesel manual for sale . I found this but i am afraid that it has a lot of miles 175000 about 280000km. It has no any history as it came from uk and a company had the car. the man that has the car now told me that it has new tyres and a passes MOT. What are your opinions ? the price is very addractive :) About miles ? And what to check. thank you
  5. http://web.newsguy.com/mcclure/Yaris/2006-2011%20Yaris%20OEM%20Cruise%20Control%20DIY%2020110315.pdf
  6. Hi has anyone here installed any cruise control to a yaris diesel xp90 model? something like that http://www.ebay.com/itm/Plug-in-Cruise-Control-Kit-Steering-Wheel-Toyota-Yaris-Vitz-XP90-XP130-2006-2014-/360915902436 AND i found and this one http://www.yarisworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=255 What do you think?
  7. Sorry but i do not understand what you are meaning with 59 and 58 plate ... Is the time of registration ?
  8. Hi i recently had a car accident with my iq and after insurance company salvage my car i decided to buy a second hand yaris D4D, as i live in Cyprus most of the cars are coming from UK. As i travel a lot in highways i heard that yaris is very economic . Is that true? i checked some with averaage 59 mpg. I want to buy the 6 speed gearbox 2009- but if i find a great deal with 5 speed i will hit it. So i want your help as older owners of the car . What i must check before buy this specific car?
  9. Hi i have a toyota yaris d4d 2010 model (as in picture ) and i will install rear seats back of the car, can anyone know if the seats are the same as the 4door yaris model ? thank you
  10. kai3747

    Crashed Iq

    yes in Cyprus when you get 18 you are allowed to take a driving licence , and the funny of the case is the fact tha he told in his statement that a fly get into the car as aresult of the crash :)
  11. kai3747

    Crashed Iq

    thanx friends , the insurance company will give me some money and they will keep it . i will buy oneother i think 1.3 litre as i am driving a lot in highway . Until now we are in the middle of negotiations as we do not agree for the money .:)
  12. kai3747

    Crashed Iq

    hi guys before one monthe ago i had an accident with my little babe, one 18 years old carelessly driver came from his line to mine and last second i avvoid the "face to face " crash . i had 2 passangers inside the car with an average height 1.90cm. these are some pictures and the total loss babe ......
  13. kai3747

    Usb Port

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Car-2-1A-Dual-USB-Port-Charger-Smartphone-PDA-DVR-Audio-Input-for-Toyota-VIGO-/221662326444?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item339c1aaeac does anyone know if this is the right size?
  14. kai3747

    Usb Port

    HI friends, i need a usb port too with my japan version of iq , it has not from factory, i wish to install it like the picture of Cris above, any suggestions or links? thank you. i want it for charging iphones and i pad as i saw that i need more power for ipads, is it ok ?