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  1. This time next week, I'll be with my friends and family necking a cold beer, and lapping up the sun!!!!

  2. Gotta love Mondays! Stuck in fricken traffic on the A14!!!

  3. Brought a pop up tent for jap show!!!! Buzzin!!! But have too many things to look forward to in the coming months.....

  4. Getting excited for silverstone now!!! hope its as exciting as china!!!! Whoop

    1. Norfolk n Chance

      Norfolk n Chance

      I'll be there! Can't wait for it!

  5. I swear my weekend never started! 6.5 hours driving And now time for bed and work in the morning. :(

  6. I just got up to 376702 in #DemolitionMaster Beat that! http://www.appmania.org/dm/

  7. How much are you wanting for the front washer pump mate
  8. Hi guys On way back from my holiday my front washer pump gave up! I'm pretty sure they have two pumps. Really need the front washer pump. If anyone could point my in the right direction or has a spear one, that would be great.
  9. Buzzin for the first race of the season!!!!

  10. My night just got better bad boys is now on!!!!! SWEET

  11. How drunk was my old man last night!

  12. At the gym! My legs are jelly now lol

  13. Feel rather rough this morning!

  14. Once again I've fallen out with my alarm! Grrrrr hello Monday!!!

  15. Really want the weekend to hurry up! Last weekend went far too quick. :(

  16. My daughter I a foul ***** tonight!!!! OMG it's worse than

  17. Mate what a quality find! So much cheaper
  18. personal it looks like it needs to be DECKED! I think E12 corolla looks better With small wheels lol
  19. Nice to hear someone actually going deep into the Remapping route. I would actually love a lower lift point, just for a few seconds longer before changing up a gear. Although people are right in spending countless of pounds into there pride and joy, you'll never see that money again! Purely just a hobbie! But what else would we spend are hard earn cash on. keep us posted mate
  20. my misses actually brought my private reg for my birthday last year!!!!
  21. where are the pictures mate! getting bored of reading. I NEED PICTURES
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