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  1. hello

    i have rav4 with brs and i want to disabled it.

    your thread with cutting pink wire is superb but i dont see pictures.


  2. There is a thread elsewhere showing how to disable the TPMS By cutting the pink wire. This I hope will help those Who may as I did want to be able to turn the system on or off say for the running of winter tyres that may not have the transponders or valves fitted. Thanks to Sean AKA Wardude and David AKA Davrav and SCHM for all the information I needed to complete this task !!!! Before any work is started remove the negative terminal on the battery, This is VERY important !! Firstly as on the other thread You remove the bezel surrounding the instrument cluster. This pic shows the f
  3. This guide is written to hopefully explain the BSR run flat system fitted to the Toyota Rav4 T 180 and SR180 Many owners have bought their cars without knowledge of this BSR system so here I will try to explain what it is and the options for replacing it.. What is the BSR system? It’s a Run flat system that is different from other types where the sidewall of the tyres used is heavily reinforced so if a puncture or deflation occurs the car effectively rides on the sidewall BSR (Bridgestone Safety Ring) is a system that employs a ring that is fitted inside the tyre around the
  4. This guide is wriiten to hopefully answer most of the often asked questions about the 2AD 2.2 Diesel engine and its problems. The Symptoms Owners complain of the following; Excessive oil consumption. Coolant Water being blown out of the expansion tank and the colour sometimes turning darker in colour. Excessive Fuel consumption. Blocked or heavily sooted EGR valves And of course cars going into limp mode or displaying fault codes relating to this engines issues. Toyotas Answer. Well Toyota really stepped up to the plate and offered an extended warr
  5. Dear Charlie, I recently had may head gasket blow. I was told by a friend that is a mechanic that it was a known problem however when I asked my dealership they lied to me telling me that there was no official problem recognized by Toyota. Afterwards I read your Guide To The Toyota 2Ad Diesel Engine and Its Issues and then told my dealer of these problems however they have refused to help in anyway (I noticed that the extended warranty has expired) Any advice? thanks Pinky

  6. Hi Charlie, My Auris 2.2D recently done the engine by toyota. As your original post in 2012, what is the status of your engine now and hows the mpg and any issues. What parts exactly they changed or did your whole engine was changed. Thanks. Nelum

  7. Hi Charlie, engine issues: Is there a definitive reason why the engines fail?

  8. In the case of the ones in my thread which are at Listers .. Listers bought 100 cars from Toyota at an advantageous pruce.. Cars are the registered so become Pre reg cars... These cars are at a fantastic price because of the above.. You will struggle to get a discount on these cars and PX prices will be very low.. I have advertised my car now and will buy one of the pre reg cars if I get a sale. ... In the meantime I'm still looking for a late SR as PXing is not necessary if I buy one of those..
  9. Coorrrr I use less than half the bottle ! Is it because the wee boy comes out in you and you just like spraying the foam ? Kids up our street when I lived up the road used to run up "Can we have a go Charlie"
  10. Andy.. That dilution rate is to strong.. Take your lance bottle and add the two inches of product (in your case magifoam) and the add a touch of shampoo then fill the bottle to the top. Half filling will mean a strong mix equal to putting four inches of product into the bottle.. When you say "waffle" which type exactly ? Some of the older type waffle towels are blooming awful ! A recommendation. see link. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321236944951?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 The above is a very high quality very very soft microfiber towel which does not fall into the w
  11. I never dry a car with a towel after a spray wash..
  12. Kev I think the foam looks spot on. !!!! Car looks Bonny too. ... On the wheels try a spray with a non acidic wheel cleaner like verry Cherry which will eliminate the brake dust residue.. Give the car a wax with Colinite which had fantastic durability and is perfect for the winter month ..
  13. Yes the warranty will still apply to your car ! You must ask to speak to a senior person or manager and point out what they should already know which is of course the 7 year "GOOD WILL" warranty which covers you car !! DO NOT under any circumstances allow the dealer to dismantle you engine ! This is VERY important. Time and time again we see this happening where the dealer says they do not know about the warranty !!!
  14. The 19.3 to 60 figures are auto filled boxes which I cant alter..... I do understand the VAT or tax point the dealer has to pay on any cars they take in PX and then sell on... But the fact remains if the car is only worth 6K I will just keep on driving it... My thoughts are.. Every car has a monthly price drop. In the trade known as a "book drop" now my old car drops by only a slight amount each month where a nearly new car drops large numbers.. Much as I want to sit in a new car we are entering into winter now and the toll on a car may as well be taken by the old car not a new un.... I just
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