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  1. There is a thread elsewhere showing how to disable the TPMS By cutting the pink wire. This I hope will help those Who may as I did want to be able to turn the system on or off say for the running of winter tyres that may not have the transponders or valves fitted. Thanks to Sean AKA Wardude and David AKA Davrav and SCHM for all the information I needed to complete this task !!!! Before any work is started remove the negative terminal on the battery, This is VERY important !! Firstly as on the other thread You remove the bezel surrounding the instrument cluster. This pic shows the fixing points.. There are for small clips that connect the bezel to the dust curtain. these squeeze together to be removed. The bezel can now be removed out of the way Then remove the two screws at the top and gently pull the clocks towards You.. The clocks have just one connector so I removed this and put them out of the way... The pink wire is easily located in the loom. The switch is an SPDT and costs just £2.. Here are a couple of pics of the switch and where I decided to mount it. The chosen spot. BTW there is no need to remove the switch panel as its very difficult to get out !! Simply reach behind it when the clocks are out and push the switch blank out !! I removed the switch blank and carefully drilled a 20 mill hole in dead centre of said blank. Wiring was done as follows. Thanks David. 1 Select the pink wire from the loom that goes into the connector block shown above and cut. 2 Determine which end goes into the clock/pack. Connect this wire to centre terminal on switch. This is the critical connection. 3 Connect other end of pink wire [that goes to the TPMS ECU] to either of the outer terminals. 4 Connect remaining terminal to ground/earth I chose to solder and heat shrink the connections and cable tie to the loom. The earth cable point is under the cover just to the right of the drivers foot. Here. You will need to remove the cover above the sill here The remove this cover Both covers simply pull off as they are on bayonet push fixings.. The cover in the lower pi has one plastic nut right at the front about half way up. You can undo this with Your fingers. Once re assembled I think the switch looks OK.. So with the battery re connected and the switch in position 1 the TPMS Symbol lights up as usual indicating the TPMS system is live and working as normal when going through the check on start up. With the switch on position 2 the symbol does not light up indicating that the TPMS IS NOW DEACTIVATED !!!!!!!!!!! Please feel free to ask any questions as Im not to clever at writing up stuff like this ... Wee Charlie.
  2. This guide is written to hopefully explain the BSR run flat system fitted to the Toyota Rav4 T 180 and SR180 Many owners have bought their cars without knowledge of this BSR system so here I will try to explain what it is and the options for replacing it.. What is the BSR system? It’s a Run flat system that is different from other types where the sidewall of the tyres used is heavily reinforced so if a puncture or deflation occurs the car effectively rides on the sidewall BSR (Bridgestone Safety Ring) is a system that employs a ring that is fitted inside the tyre around the rim. This is what the car rides on in the event of a deflation. The tyres are effectively a normal tyre. This is a development of a WW2 military vehicle. There is also a lubricant inside the tyre that lubes the tyre and the BSR ring in the event of a deflation. Without this the friction generated would destroy both elements. System is backed up by a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) that illuminates a warning light on the dash if a deflation takes place... The pluses to this system.. It means that no spare wheel needs to be carried.. And... Err well that’s about it really.. The minuses.. The tyres have to be removed by a special and very expensive machine that only Toyota Dealers and a few independent Tyre Dealers have. Only one type of Bridgestone tyre can be used with the BSR system. No other make or model of tyre can be used. This makes for expensive replacements come time for new tyres and can prove very inconvenient in the event of a puncture. Owners report very expensive costs for replacement or repair ! The options.... Well Owners can simply live with what they have and put up with the what is considered huge costs of replacement or repair. Or Remove the existing tyres and the BSR system completely. You can have the tyres removed by an Equipped Dealer as described above. Cost around £45 per wheel OR simply cut the tyres of and remove the safety inner rings with the aid of an angle grinder. The TPMS system can be retained or removed and switched to prevent the light flashing on the dash.. See here. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=130476 Once tyres and rings have been removed normal tyres can be fitted on a normal tyre machine by any Tyre Dealer and any brand can be used. Insurance implications... You should notify your insurance company if you remove the BSR system and fit normal tyres. No extra premium is likely as the car will be as the latest spec SR Rav4. IE no BSR system and a tyre repair kit in the boot. It is possible to have the tyres and the BSR ring removed then refits the tyres but this will invalidate your insurance because the tyres have a symbol on the tyre wall which designates them as Run flats. Which of course without the BSR rings inside they are not! This could mean that a Driver who does not realise this could run into problems if a deflation occurs and he or she carries on driving.... Ride Quality. The wheels with the extra weight of the BSR system and lubricating gel is huge in comparison to a wheel fitted with a normal tyre.. The suspension has two elements to contend with.. The sprung weight. This is the weight of the Vehicle, Its occupants , Cargo ect ect. The unsprung weight. This is the weight of the Wheels ,Tyres,Brakes ect ect. Relieving the suspension of the unsrpung weight enables it to get on with the job of controlling the sprung weight. This adds up to a far far smoother ride without the crashing and thumping that the increased weight of the BSR equipped wheels give. Remember the tyre walls are Not reinforced.. The ride quality is MASSIVLY IMPROVED when the BSR is removed !!! A consideration... If Trading in a BSR equipped Rav to a Toyota Dealer one of the first questions asked will be does it still have the run flats?? Because if it does not the car has in their eyes been radically altered and cannot be sold under the Toyota approved car scheme. Other Dealers may or may not ask depending if they know about the existence of the system in the first place... Hope this helps. Charlie.
  3. This guide is wriiten to hopefully answer most of the often asked questions about the 2AD 2.2 Diesel engine and its problems. The Symptoms Owners complain of the following; Excessive oil consumption. Coolant Water being blown out of the expansion tank and the colour sometimes turning darker in colour. Excessive Fuel consumption. Blocked or heavily sooted EGR valves And of course cars going into limp mode or displaying fault codes relating to this engines issues. Toyotas Answer. Well Toyota really stepped up to the plate and offered an extended warranty which can be found in the following text taken from the TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) "AD Engine Out of Warranty Guidelines (0730J) We are pleased to advise that we have received more formalised guidelines from TME for the handling of AD engine problems on out of warranty vehicles. The coverage and processes are summarised below. Conditions Covered 1) Oil consumption worse than 0.5 litre per 621 miles (1,000 km) 2) Overheating & Head Gasket failure due to carbon deposits on the pistons For all other out of warranty conditions related to AD engine problems, where the customer complaint can be directly linked to a “carbon clogging” concern, i.e. EGR Valve, DPNR, 5th Injector, EGR Cooler, blocked manifold, etc., we would accept this as being linked to an oil consumption condition. Vehicles Covered Those vehicles fitted with AD diesel engines; ��Avensis with 1AD or 2AD (Prod. Date: Apr 2005 to Feb 2009) ��RAV4 with 2AD (Prod. Date: Jul 2005 to Dec 2008) ��Auris with 1AD or 2AD (Prod. Date: Sep 2006 to Sep 2009) ��Verso with 2AD (Prod. Date: Apr 2005 to Nov 2008) Age / Mileage Covered These guidelines cover vehicles up to 7 years old and 111,846 miles (180,000 km), whichever the sooner. This is conditional on there being a retail customer complaint and the vehicle having been reasonably maintained". So what do I do if my car is displaying the above faults? You should take Your car for inspection to your nearest Toyota Dealers. They will check your oil level and carry out all or any checks required by Toyota and read any stored fault codes. You will then be asked to take the car back to the dealer after approximately 1000 miles and the oil will be checked again to determine if its oil consumption is to great as in the TSB above. So what happens next? If it is deemed You engine is burning too much oil, is sooting the EGR valve or displaying any of the above related faults your engine will be replaced under the extended warranty. What will be replaced? The engine assembly in Toyota terms is a ¾ engine which is basically the whole engine from the sump up to the rocker cover. Up until mid 2011 engines were rebuilt by the Dealer but after this proved too time consuming and sometimes unsuccessful, engines were replaced as a ¾ assembly for economic reasons. Sometimes these replacement engines are reworked or remanufactured engines rebuilt in Japan. Sometimes the engines are brand new. The following will or may be replaced during the procedure. EGR valve. Injectors including the 5th injector. Catalytic convertor. DFP filter (Diesel Particulate Filter). The engine oil of course and the coolant . Air conditioning will be re gassed. The procedure for and during replacement Well I will explain what my experience was...... Once the car was diagnosed and the engine replacement was approved I took the car into the Dealer who kindly supplied me with a free courtesy car. 2 days later I was called and informed my car was ready for collection. I was given a work sheet detailing what had been done and the new engine number. Note: It is the owners responsibility to inform the DVLA of the change. The differences between old and new engine. The new engine is much quieter. Fuel consumption is far better than before. Consider also; If You are having a new engine fitted under warranty, consider having a new clutch assembly fitted while the engine is out. There will normally be no labour charge for this as there is no increased labour as all these parts are stripped out during replacement. It would otherwise cost in the region of £1200 (should it become necessary) for a clutch replacement on a RAV4 but less on an Auris, Avensis or Verso. I hope this answers most of the questions. If I have made any mistakes please PM Me and I will correct.... Charlie.
  4. In the case of the ones in my thread which are at Listers .. Listers bought 100 cars from Toyota at an advantageous pruce.. Cars are the registered so become Pre reg cars... These cars are at a fantastic price because of the above.. You will struggle to get a discount on these cars and PX prices will be very low.. I have advertised my car now and will buy one of the pre reg cars if I get a sale. ... In the meantime I'm still looking for a late SR as PXing is not necessary if I buy one of those..
  5. Coorrrr I use less than half the bottle ! Is it because the wee boy comes out in you and you just like spraying the foam ? Kids up our street when I lived up the road used to run up "Can we have a go Charlie"
  6. Andy.. That dilution rate is to strong.. Take your lance bottle and add the two inches of product (in your case magifoam) and the add a touch of shampoo then fill the bottle to the top. Half filling will mean a strong mix equal to putting four inches of product into the bottle.. When you say "waffle" which type exactly ? Some of the older type waffle towels are blooming awful ! A recommendation. see link. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321236944951?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 The above is a very high quality very very soft microfiber towel which does not fall into the waffle category. It is very important to use the correct and best towels on your car because Japanese paint is ultra soft so using anything that will or can marr the paint is a complete no no....
  7. I never dry a car with a towel after a spray wash..
  8. Kev I think the foam looks spot on. !!!! Car looks Bonny too. ... On the wheels try a spray with a non acidic wheel cleaner like verry Cherry which will eliminate the brake dust residue.. Give the car a wax with Colinite which had fantastic durability and is perfect for the winter month ..
  9. Yes the warranty will still apply to your car ! You must ask to speak to a senior person or manager and point out what they should already know which is of course the 7 year "GOOD WILL" warranty which covers you car !! DO NOT under any circumstances allow the dealer to dismantle you engine ! This is VERY important. Time and time again we see this happening where the dealer says they do not know about the warranty !!!
  10. The 19.3 to 60 figures are auto filled boxes which I cant alter..... I do understand the VAT or tax point the dealer has to pay on any cars they take in PX and then sell on... But the fact remains if the car is only worth 6K I will just keep on driving it... My thoughts are.. Every car has a monthly price drop. In the trade known as a "book drop" now my old car drops by only a slight amount each month where a nearly new car drops large numbers.. Much as I want to sit in a new car we are entering into winter now and the toll on a car may as well be taken by the old car not a new un.... I just cant accept a boot in the goolies and take 6K even accepting the 4.4 is a good price.. I realise some of you can but not for me.. Many people finance their cars and with these schemes where you have low payments with a balloon at the end or hand the car back it is easy too get sucked in. Difference between a good PX price and a bad one over say 4 years is very little each month.. But I choose to pay on the nail for my cars. So the figures seem very real. It does focus the mind a wee bit !
  11. Now then Liz ! ….I'm surrounded by such animals all day and have no unusual habits I will have you know ! I came across it on the blog of a Toyota dealer, here's another to chuckle at…….. HaHa Brilliant !!
  12. Strictly a beano and dandy kid me..........................
  13. These devices are getting popular now and price is I believe dropping.. Could anyone give a idiots guide on what to buy and how to fit as ole Charlie would like one of these ??
  14. Cards on the table.. Went into the dealers with the intention of buying a manual invincible at 24480 as advertised. First choice is an auto but they did not appear to have one in stock and the offer is just on the manual cars.. Consideration of MPG also at the back of my mind.. To cut to the chaff I asked for 7500 for my car and offered to pay the cost to change there and then by bank transfer. Simple easy no nonsense transaction... The chap who I was dealing with was a mature Scotsman and we hit it off straight away.. You either gel with the people or you don't.. He of course went off to see the wee man in the cave. Said man came out and dispite my assurance that I do not and will not take finance tried his best to sell me finance.. Fair play that's his job.. I likely would not get finance anyway as I/We at our house have no credit rating.. Haven't had a mortgage for 15 years. No loans or finance agreements whatsoever and we don't even have a credit card.. The guys were amazed at the condition of my old car.. They could not fault it. But still the PX offer was 6K........Now perhaps I want it at both ends but I simply refuse to sell a car that they will retail for over 9500 (Their words) for six grand.. So putting the T180 on PH is a punt... Its worth a try eh...
  15. There is not currently a brand new unregistered Rav4 Invincible in Pearl white for less money or anywhere near the price of these pre registered cars... These cars have between 11 and 13 miles on them..... There are quite a few Invincible cars up and down the UK that have from around 2000 to around 5000 miles and they are mostly upwards of 28K Of course these cars at rock bottom prices mean the dealers will offer rock bottom PX allowances.. That is why my car is now on the internet for sale... My asking price on PH may be a bit optimistic but have look at the price of similar T180s on PH.. My one is actually very realistically priced... Of course I will sell the car for considerably less but there has to be a starting point.. I recently sold My Jag XFS on PH and sold it for way above book price. In fact I sold it for way above what garages had them up at ! All it takes is one guy or gal who wants a proper car with a proper full documented history and in top condition and Bobs yer Muvvers Bruvver... We shall see... Guys on the Jag forum told me I would not get the asking price for my XFS.... Completely wrong.. Sold it within two weeks for the full asking price...
  16. Its Listers in Cheltenham that have the cars I'm talking about..... Paul I would post a link but I can only find the link on my phone and cant work out how to do it from the phone. I simply cannot work out how to do the Toyota Approved website on the home PC ! Its just so complicated so I do it from the phone... Listers also so have a white Icon in the showroom but its over 29K..... But its not a pre registered car like the Invincible cars.. I would compromise on the automatic transmission.. Only because the gear change is silk now and of course the increased MPG over the auto which is my first choice but the sales guy at Listers tells me there are no white ones left in either branch or group stock.
  17. Thanks Dave.. I have put my name down for an automatic Invincible.. We cant agree a trade in price for my car and I just simply refuse to trade it in for the price offered so my car is now on the internet for sale. Providing it sells I will buy the new car..
  18. Dealer in Cheltenham has two Invincibles.. One in Decuma grey and one in Tyrol silver both cars are manuals both cars are £24500...... !Removed! good price ! They did have a white one but that one was sold two days ago.. Automatic one is in white pearlecant and is £1000 more...... Good prices I think...
  19. Well on the manual cars its the clutch pedal Kev... But I think to do what you are saying surely its case of pressing the start button without pressing the brake so the glow plugs go through a cycle then starting in the normal way..... In effect giving two glow plug cycles......
  20. Trouble with PXing is you can end up paying way to much for car just to get a decent PX price or indeed just to buy a car... I am looking now at selling my car on the internet and then buying a car and asking for a discount.. I just refuse to sell my car or PX it for peanuts....... The red car mentioned represents excellent value for money, To be honest that car would fly on Pistonheads or Autotrader... Problem for me is finding a car very soon after I sell my one as the only other car we have here now is the Wifes wee Ford Fiesta automatic which is of no use to me whatsoever.... !Removed! game this buying and selling cars eh !
  21. Well 120 difference in my case seems to have made quite a difference.. Main point here though is how good or bad is your battery.
  22. Sorry did not wish to sound harsh ... Every week or so we see new members with cars they have shelled out for only to discover they have bought a car with problems.. So try to inform members of the issues so they know the risks .. The T 180 is no boy racers car it is simply a very powerful tourqey version of the Rav with huge pulling power.. There is no given mileage for the issues to arise just as there is no perticular model that is affected. Any car in the Toyota range fitted with the. 2AD engine up till about 2009 can be affected. That said we have seen a few T180s of late !
  23. Sorry did not wish to sound harsh ... Every week or so we see new members with cars they have shelled out for only to discover they have bought a car with problems.. So try to inform members of the issues so they know the risks .. The T 180 is no boy racers car it is simply a very powerful tourqey version of the Rav with huge pulling power.. There is no given mileage for the issues to arise just as there is no perticular model that is affected. Any car in the Toyota range fitted with the. 2AD engine up till about 2009 can be affected. That said we have seen a few T180s of late !
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