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  1. :oops:Bottom of this page: Sign in, we have a lot of enthusiasts ready to answer any kind of question.
  2. I need a Fidanza flywheel and Magnecor leads for my 3s-ge 3. gen. Is there a shop that sells both?
  3. I need a Fidanza flywheel and Magnecor leads. Anyone who can reccomend a shop that sells both?
  4. Got the head milled, cams are reground to circa 270* according to the maschineshop and I´ve checked for valve clearance. All seems good. Started to do some mild porting on the head too. After advice from Hurley Racing I´ve decided on an adjustable FPR.
  5. I´ve searched high and low, but no luck. Please recommend an internet shop which sell Fidanza flywheel and Magnecor leads for 3. gen 3s-ge. Thanks :-)
  6. Hi I´m about to do a complete overhaul on my 3.gen. 3sge, and while I´m at it I´ve decided to have some fun with the engine. I´m getting customized 264* cams, Fidanza flywheel, cai to oe airbox, free flow exhaust + some other bits. I have a friend who will mill the head but I´m not sure how much to take off. I read somewhere once that 1 mm would be ok. My main concerns are: 1 detonation 2 will the oe green injectors deliver enough fuel for this setup (circa 220 hp)? or do I... 3 ... get an adjustable fpr og high flow fuelpump? 4 is it correct that this engine doesn´t have a knock sensor? Oh, a
  7. Also the e56 has a black iron 5th gear cover whereas the s54 has a cast alu cover.
  8. For lsd you need the e56 gearbox. You can tell by looking in the driveshaft output. It should be filled with a round metalbar. If there is like half a metalbar in there, and you can see through the output, it´s a s54 gearbox without lsd. Supposedly there is also a s54-06d wih helical lsd but very rare.
  9. Yep. Staight swap. I have the Carina E ´95 originally fitted with the 3. gen. 3sge. Great engine with good tuning potential.
  10. Yes, the blue/green Fensport Celica with the 3sge gen.3 engine tuned to around 200 hp, clearly has ramair intake in the frontbumper. Like I said: take a good close look. It´s there, a black intakeduct right beside the radiator.
  11. Exactly my thought. It´s just that I heard about a guy who got a little better fuel consumption with the OE sensor, but the reason for that might be another than the o2 sensor.
  12. Hi all Need a new oxygensensor for my 3sge gen.3. Question is, can I trust a non OE sensor to function as well as a Toyotasensor? I´m looking at either a Denso or NGK from www.sparkplugs.co.uk They are about 1/3 of the price compared to a OE sensor. Does anyone know who makes the OE sensor?Denso perhaps? thanks all.
  13. pics. of interior also please:-) About the steeringwheel. Is it just from a normal gen. 6 Celica or is it from a special model (ss)? great job btw
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