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  1. Thats a lot of particulates not to be collected by the oil filter, something may be producing what looks like carbon whilst you drive and continuous putting it in the oil, Hybrids especially low miles suffer from blocked intake and valves from carbon, yours could have so much carbon build up its being passed through the breather pcv and into crankcase. I'd be looking somewhere along those lines.
  2. What you need to look for is Mk1 preface lift up to 2010 SR headlights as these were smoked instead of chrome
  3. Did you fit them securely with a define twist and lock as if not the bulb can become dislodged and drop down out of mounting point and melt the holder housing, toyota th white smo
  4. Hi, I have for sale my 1999 Toyota Corolla G6R, if you are reading so far, you will need no introduction to this now rare model. 158000 miles, MOT till late March 2015, Heated door mirrors, Working Air con, 6 speed transmission, seat belt pre- tensioners, Driver, passenger air bags. Lots of receipts and paperwork from past, Since owning it I have carried out mostly subtle mods and as listed below, PI 40mm drop springs, tyres do not rub on arches.White Dotz alloy wheels with Yokohama C drive 2 tyres, Steel tuner nuts,Refurbed Red painted calipers Front and rear,New red tailored carpet mats,Bri
  5. Need a O/S/F wing UK drivers for a Carina AT151 or what ever anyone has laying around for this car. Thanks Phil
  6. What have you got for a 1987 Toyota Carina AT151? NEED an O/S/F wing
  7. go on ebay and just get a used ecu, maybe £60-70, but make sure you get the keys for it as they are immob coded to the ecu
  8. see if the rev counter jumps a small amount on cranking, that will confirm a pulse from the sensor, if it does that rules out immob
  9. Far too many mods to list, its my hobby and passion to mod the earlier Jap cars
  10. Phil01

    Carina At151 4Dr

    Hi fellow members, I have just got myself a 1986/7 Carina saloon . I am after some bits for this car to try and bring it back to its original former glory as these cars are so rare nowadays. N/s and O/s front wings, prefer rust free as this is what is wrong with mine, N/s and O/s lower sill mouldings, A distributor or even just the ignitor inside, always good to keep a spare as these are known to fail, Alternator voltage regulator, (black box bolted to n/s inner wing, also to have as a spare as these are know to fail, And what ever else anyone has in their garage or shed that fits the AT151 Ve
  11. Or go to maplin, buy some contact cleaner take switch apart (top bit) and clean inside. Faulty diode in master switch
  12. No one gets back to say how they fixed it, quick enough to ask but cant be ubikd to say "yes" all fixed, it was so and so
  13. All i can hear is either an air leak or was that from a cold start and the air valve is open, the other noise is the injector solenoids click but really hard to tell from the sound clip
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