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  1. Need to plug I to techstrram and live data, check evaporated fin temperature and both solar sensors are working as its these sensors that boost the lower temps when it detects solar uv
  2. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-function-of-a-clutch-plate-torsional-coil-spring
  3. When the torsion springs go weak in either the pressure plate or in the DMF then the engine torque is not absorbed and can and does send a thump through the transmission and can move the gear lever, a mild case of torque fluctuation. But as others have said, check your rubber mountings as easy 1st check. The thud sounds like a low frequency thomp and can feel it as well as hear it.
  4. On alloy wheels the wheel is centralised by the shouldered nut, On steel wheels it's centralised by cone taper on end of nut. If you look at a Toyota shouldered alloy wheel nut you will find it also has the cone taper at end of nut is it will fit both types of wheel securely
  5. I'd be looking at the damper springs in the pressure plate, gone weak and not absorbing the torque
  6. For emissions, it prevents a massive negative pressure in the intake.
  7. Mr Muscles oven cleaner, if you doubt this tip then dont do it, you need to be confident
  8. What area are you? May just need an actuator clean and lube and a relearn for the shift points and clutch bite point, all this can be carried out using Techstream, Toyota diagnostic kit or any GOOD diagnostics like Wurth Wow or Autel etc
  9. You had a remap or just a dpf coded out?
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/For-Denso-D4S-D4R-Xenon-HID-Headlight-Ballast-Control-Unit-KDLT003-DDLT003-/283790604551?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  11. And of course you need the front seat tilt fitted for a 3dr
  12. Auris mk1 pre face lift and face lift seats fit either model, just watch out for 3dr and 5 Dr. 3dr do fit a 5dr but with a small mod to outer lower fitting. 5dr fitted to a 3dr will be awkward as sit higher on rear seat base
  13. 95 psi...there is your problem, its not just compression its also the lack of negative pressure or vacuum to pull that fuel through the combustion chamber and readily atomise it with the air, just solid fuel droplets that then condense on the cylinder walls and can not propagate a complete combustion, hence petrol in oil, black sooty plugs Your engine will never ever work until you sort your compression loss...its not all about compression as vacuum is just important, you loose comp and your have lost vaccum
  14. How long you had it?, if very recent it Maybe worth trying a hard battery reset just before your hill climb, it will then adapt to your driving demands rather than relying on previous drivers driving style
  15. Just check your bulbs. One may have blown ages ago and then the 2nd one just recently...
  16. A catch can is a very good idea on a turbo diesel with egr as it catches oil mist that could be drawn into the intake and egr and that then lines the inside of egr and the soot particulates stick to the oil mist and builds up that wet black goo that blocked egr operation. But if you think you need a catch can to catch oil blow by then your engine is already snagged as the pcv circuit should really control blow by emissions as that's its job
  17. Just nit picking.... That is not the crankcase breather hose as you know it, that's the crankcase equalisation pipe that supply ambient air pressure TO the crankcase as if not the negative pressure from the pcv circuit which is the true breather would cause a huge vacuum and suchk all your oil out of the engine and it would run like crap. Hope that helps
  18. Thats a lot of particulates not to be collected by the oil filter, something may be producing what looks like carbon whilst you drive and continuous putting it in the oil, Hybrids especially low miles suffer from blocked intake and valves from carbon, yours could have so much carbon build up its being passed through the breather pcv and into crankcase. I'd be looking somewhere along those lines.
  19. What you need to look for is Mk1 preface lift up to 2010 SR headlights as these were smoked instead of chrome
  20. Did you fit them securely with a define twist and lock as if not the bulb can become dislodged and drop down out of mounting point and melt the holder housing, toyota th white smo
  21. Hi, I have for sale my 1999 Toyota Corolla G6R, if you are reading so far, you will need no introduction to this now rare model. 158000 miles, MOT till late March 2015, Heated door mirrors, Working Air con, 6 speed transmission, seat belt pre- tensioners, Driver, passenger air bags. Lots of receipts and paperwork from past, Since owning it I have carried out mostly subtle mods and as listed below, PI 40mm drop springs, tyres do not rub on arches.White Dotz alloy wheels with Yokohama C drive 2 tyres, Steel tuner nuts,Refurbed Red painted calipers Front and rear,New red tailored carpet mats,Bright red LED dash lights,Silvatech front indicator bulbs,LED number plate bulbs, LED interior bulb,Bluetooth music streaming Head unit with microphone for hands free calls,Alpine front door speakers,Sub and amp wiring to boot, already to fit your sub,I have a proper K&N cone air filter for £15 or original air box will be fitted.Remote central locking kit fitted.Stainless steel 2.5 inch cat back exhaust fitted with huge Jap tip, proper Corolla fitment, NOT a Universal fit Maintenance,Full service in July 2014,W.I.M wheel alignment in July 2014, New cambelt at 147000miles,New clutch with receipt in October 2014,Brand new front and rear pads and discs, less than 4000 miles,All 4 antiroll bar links replaced in July 2014,Both N/S CV boots replaced, Bad points,N/S/R damper has started to leak and a small rattle from it over rough ground,Only one key, few stone chips to front which is to be expected of car this age I have tried to be as accurate as I can, You are more than welcome to view before bidding as no returns can be accepted, Sold as Seen. All messages will be replied to.New retro Jap car has taken priority so I am selling this car to fund the new project. Offers over £850 Can email or whats app Photos Phil 07473 176 856
  22. Need a O/S/F wing UK drivers for a Carina AT151 or what ever anyone has laying around for this car. Thanks Phil
  23. What have you got for a 1987 Toyota Carina AT151? NEED an O/S/F wing
  24. go on ebay and just get a used ecu, maybe £60-70, but make sure you get the keys for it as they are immob coded to the ecu
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