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  1. amyone got any ideas why my alarm goes off when ever the sun sun shines directly on my 04 corolla t-sport. this can be really anoying. if anyone out there has had the same problem? and do you know how to sort it?
  2. People must hate my t-sport! twice now in 4 weeks someone has hit it in a car park. first in the f near side wing right in the middle of the wheel arch, then someone hit the back bumper and kept going, knocking the whole bumper out of alinement. my 04 CTS was mint but now it's going to cost me a pretty penny to put it right. Why do people think it's ok to wantenly damage someone elses property and then drive off?
  3. Hi guys. Firstly i'd like say how under rated Toyotas are as most people are hooked on the usual suspects like the honda civic, But i love Toyotas as they tend to be understated but very rewarding to own and drive. looking for help/advice with my car. Firstly some idiot has hit my n/r front wing and left my poor CTS( corrola t sport ) with a dent and scrach in the wheel arch, what forums am i best using to get more help locallly with this? Secondly. My CTS has developed a squeeling noise coming from the rear of the car. this only happens when it's been sat all night and only over the first 50 yards or so and then it goes. once again what forums would i be likely to get help with this? As i am new to this owners club i'm unsure of the next steps, please help. and hello Bwj182.
  4. Someone reversed into the front of my car and drove off. feel like crying!

  5. Hello I,m new to this this . Looking for other TOC members to shine a guiding light and show me the way with various things on my T sport corolla.
  6. Hello. I'm new to this TOC and am unsure of what this could bring to my enjoyment of owning a t sport corolla. Could do with some help with regards to maintanance, repairs , parts and servicing. anyone out there in the Dumfries area with Knowledge and help would be good. Cheers. P.s went to the Toyota Garage in Dumfries and they where shocking, not what i was used to when i used Helensburgh Toyota.