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  1. Sorry Eddie didn't realize that i had to carry passengers to own a t sport? .. and phoenix i sprayed them with tint spray first of all and it wasn't dark enough for the look that i was trying to get... so i just sprayed them black so as they are the lights hardly shine though. but with the tint spray they shined though but not as bright !
  2. the d2 front coilovers come with top mount adjustment yes.. and eddie its for looks face it.... and yes it rubs but i never really have passengers so its fine for me... :)
  3. well a better question would be .... what didnt i do :P the wheels are very tight and running a lot of camber and toe in handles well but im not looking forward to tyre replacements...
  4. hi mate the wheels are et20 by 8 inch bit of a pain to get in the arch :P and im running falcons 195 45 tyres.. and on my coilovers i have top mount camber adjustment.... and a little play at the bottom mount to!
  5. pictures of the of the double din head unit and make ?
  6. Any one selling a celica engine cover? or anyone no where to get them from or even carbon ones ?
  7. Any one selling a celica engine cover? or anyone no where to get them from or even carbon ones ?
  8. my clutch is also slipping haven't looked into them that much so what do u thinks the best and where to get it from ?? as i though i be in the area its worth doing the flywheel at the same time .... can u get a clutch flywheel pack ? if so same again what and where ?
  9. im the only person on the forum that have d2s i think and i haven't had any problems just that i would like to go a bit lower on the back witch i cant :(
  10. i bought these they arnt the best , not low enough for me , so i cut them down , but to be fair there worth the 45£
  11. awesome good job what size exhuast 3inch ?? where did u get the front strut from also ?
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