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  1. Toyota didn't allow Haynes to produce a manual for the later models! You had to buy Toyota's own for the same price as a small island! There's a Corolla Manual that has the 4EFE engine and similar suspension. I have a pdf copy I use.
  2. Std Hubs 4 x 100mm pcd Centre Bore 54.1mm Offset 35-39mm Thread 12x1.5mm
  3. Lowered by 40mm with spax springs Standard wheel/tyre size is 165/70 13 What offset? All these keep the turning diameter within +/- 2% of std http://www.tyresave.co.uk/tyresize.html 205/50 14 195/55 14 185/50 15 195/45 15 205/45 15 195/40 16
  4. That's why you use the tyre calculator!! Larger diameter wheel lower profile tyre! Same running diameter.
  5. The car has been pinking a bit under load recently. Plugs are white with very small white deposits = Lean/hot running. Seen so many people state so many different plugs and gap sizes....was wondering ...? The Corolla manual for 4EFE is hiding which plugs and gap sizes, anyone say where? I have NGK BKR5EYA with a gap of 1.1mm Just changed them to 0.8mm How do I alter the mixture? Can plug gap size effect fueling? What plug and gap size do you use? Cheers
  6. 5592 Members on this site! How many Starlet owners? 12? Not many use this Forum look at how many answers to posts there are!
  7. Anyone know where the rear speaker wires run? Wires from head unit White & Red rear right. Black & Yellow rear left. No guesses! I've had the runner board/sill covers off and only 2 wires run along the drivers side, none on passenger. Knowledge please! Cheers
  8. There isn't one for the Starlet of this age due to Toyota copyright :censor: b*ll*x I downloaded a Toyota Corolla (ISBN 1 84425 286 8) which has the 1.3i 4EFE engine.
  9. Got a brand new one from Poland £20 inc P&P. Arrived in 5 days and fitted in seconds! eBay arm and blade!
  10. From Haynes manual on the 4EFE manual gearbox... "On the lower front side of the transmission housing, you will see a plug (see illustration). Remove it. If the lubricant level is correct, it should be up to the lower edge of the hole. 3 If the transmission needs more lubricant (if the level is not up to the hole), use a syringe or a gear oil pump to add more. Stop filling the transmission when the lubricant begins to run out the hole".
  11. Check it isn't any of the auxiliary belts! Also one belt will power the alternator and water/coolant pump; the other the power steering. Remove the power steering belt and run the engine, that will tell you if it's the steering pump
  12. Thought I would post this now I know prices include vat P+P Jap rear wiper arm and rubbers for VIN # starting JTD From Toyota Rear wiper arm 85241-52010 £46.89 Rear wiper rubber 85214-52020 £4.98 Rear wiper plate 85224-52020 £7.41 OR ....brand new from Poland inc P+P £20
  13. VIN number starts J so I'm told is made in Japan!
  14. No Yaris scrapped round here but could try other makes! Unfortunately The car is 70 miles from me! So not easy to check quickly.
  15. Looking like nobody knows..........So will have to ask the Toyota people.
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