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  1. Hello Daniel, About the ECU wiring, I remember using a russian forum, but definitely can't remember which. Are you sure you have all the correct resistance's set?
  2. You got it right. The red/yellow wire, was already under the steering wheel. I added the ground wire, from the other CC switch pin and the +12v wire to the red/white wire in the ECU.
  3. You have to supply that red wire with positive +12v :) Just make sure, this is the right wire, because a wrong +12 might kill your ECU.
  4. Did you have a plug for the clutch switch? If not, what did you connected it to?
  5. Here is the ECU pin to connect to: And again, please read the first page. I've written everything there.
  6. Mine doesn't have the wire too. It should be going trough the speedo and from there to the pedal, but mine dont. So i connected a wire directly to the ecu. There is a picture on the first page.
  7. Sorry i wasnt clear enought. I dont have a clutch switch, so i have to provide a switched positive to the red-white cable for the ecu. I used a 12 volt positive from the fuse box. The idea is that you fool the ecu that the clutch is not pressed. When pressed you loose the positive to the ecu and the cc is stoped. The thing is with a constant positive to the ecu when you press the clutch and the cc is on it will increase the rpm, but the cc will still be on. If you can, instal a switch to clutch, but i didn't have at the time of installation ant to be honest i dont see any trouble this way. For the cc switch you have two wires. One is ground and the other is red-yellow going to the steering wheel. I have a plug so its easier to disconnect if necessary:
  8. Hey guys sorry for the long delay. We have health issues in the family so i dont have much time. Here is my Ecu: The wire goes to the second plug. Here is the wire i had to connect to: Its a red white wire. The other wire for the CC is ground. I used a bolt under the steering column.
  9. Oh guys, i'm sorry. I had some problems last month and totally forgot about the ecu. I'll take a photo in a few hours. Jus be sure, to check your ECU model, so you don't burn it.
  10. Hi oldcodger, I had to pull a new cable from the ECU to the steering coloumn. I dont remeber the exact pin, but i can check it later this week. The ground cable is connected anywhere you find it comfortable, i connected it to the steering colomn. I did not use a original CC stalk, i used an old peugeot 206 music stalk and connected the resistors to it. It has exactly 4 options, so works ok for me.
  11. Hello again. It appeared that my corolla has the wiring for the criuse control, but doesn't have the correct steering wheel, and i cant install the standard cruise control switch. Also my car doesn't have the necessary clutch switch. In brief i made a simple switch with 4 buttons for the cruise control, and used a simple 12 volt supply to a pin of the ecu, to emulate the clutch switch. I'll make a photo tutorial in a few days. The cruise control work perfect now, and all i paid for parts was 2 quid. I'll try to use a different switch to make the system look more oem.
  12. Ok, after long time i had to get back to this and i made it. I managed to install cruise control on the rolla. I used the standart cc options of the car. I'll make a photo tutorial soon. Is anyone interested?
  13. This interesting. The thing is that i never noticed any correction to the car stability even when drifting.
  14. Hello everyone, I've been away from the forum for a while, but now I'm here with a strange question and hope you guys can help me. Is there a possibility my car doesn't have traction control or Vsc? The car is 2006 E12 with 1,6 engine. I don't have any buttons for Traction control or any lights for them when the car is in ignition ON. If I dont have Trc and Vsc is there a way to software unlock them? Thanks in advance guys.
  15. Well it's about 5mm. But the thing is that it sometimes makes clicking noise. The hole pedal seems to have some kind of strange behavior, although i don't have gear shifting problems.
  16. Hi guys, maybe this is the firs issue i have with my rolla. It is 2006 e12 1,6 vvti. The thing is that the clutch pedal has some movement sideways. I think i've read about this somewhere on the forum, but i cant find it. Does anyone have the same problem, or know a way to fix it? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  17. I've just received the speaker to rca converter. Will try the procedure in the new few days. Pics of course will be presented :)
  18. Well i want to attach a sub to the amp, and also the rear speakers. The idea is that i need a speaker to rca convertor connected to the rear speakers wires. In any case i need to cut the rear speaker wires so i thought that i can cut them in the place where they split to left and right door, attach the cables from the head unit to the converter, and than to the amp. So after that i only have to attach the rear speakers to the new cables coming from the amp. I hope i was clear, maybe a diagram would do the job.
  19. Hi guys, i am going to put an amplifier in the corolla so i need to know where do the rear speaker wires go through the car. Any information would be useful. Thanks all in advance.
  20. Mine does the same. 3zz-fe too. The engine is 20 000 miles now and the only thing that helps is constant cleaning of the throttle body and the MAF sensor.
  21. Just a quick update. I removed the drivers airbag and found that i have the avensis 2003-2006 wiring harness. The trouble is there is no free space to install the CC switch. I will have to use an American stile steering wheel, or pfl steering wheel.
  22. Well just removed it, but it is with one hole under the lower middle section. There is a metal clip that needs to be pushed inside. Than the airbag pops out.
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