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  1. Hi well all the taxi drivers have them changed and my mechanic advised me to. I have heard a lot of stories about the vw dmf like those new vw caddy costing 1600 euro for new clutch with low miles
  2. Hi guys just got avensis back its amazing with the new luk solid flywheel kit its a dream to drive very light on the foot towards the old dmf clutch which was gone very hard. They where nearly 30mm of play in the dmf when it was taking out. Gears are so smooth now they were slightly crunching with the dmf. 110% happy with it highly recommended.......
  3. Hi guys getting the clutch done on friday mechanic is fitting a luk clutch kit 320 + vat 23% + labour. I 'll let you know how it goes. Thanks guys
  4. Hi my 05 avensis d4d t-spirit clutch has slipped once in 5th so its time to change. It has 144 miles on it this will be its 1st new clutch. My local garage has recommended to change to a solid conversion kit. Any advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS...
  5. Thanks very much will let u know how i get on...
  6. my 05 avensis tspirit engine light and vsc and trc lights came on tonight ... anyone know what could be up with it..
  7. does anyone know what bulb is in the mpg display unit............. Thanks..
  8. Hi can anyone help please....................
  9. 1jz are one of Toyota's greatest engines........
  10. Hi my one is gone to hope someone can help us..................
  11. Hi put a can of bg244 through a full tank of diesel and maybe put a k&n panal filter like i done on it....
  12. Hello David That's bad luck - my commiserations. Mine is an 07 reg and the injectors on it needed replacing after about 30k miles. There were no warning lights but they clattered terribly and I was told that there was a known fault with the injectors on cars of that vintage. On later models a modified version was used. Of course your fault may be of a different nature altogether but I do remember being told that it was an expensive repair, and I was lucky that my car was still under warranty. Maria Thanks Maria, that's good to know and gives me some more ammunition when I speak to Toyota
  13. Thanks Maria, that's good to know and gives me some more ammunition when I speak to Toyota UK or even Which Legal Service depending upon their response! We love the car and it's great in the snow (essential where we live) but if it is going to continue giving hassle I feel a Qashqai coming on....!
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