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  1. Many thanks for the reply. The lamp isn't listed there. What's the light called? Cab light, passenger light, rear inner light?
  2. Hi all. The light inside the car, above the side, sliding door. Not sure what it's called but the 'bulb' has blown. Took it into a few shops but all I get is vacant looks. It's a U shaped fluorescent with 4 pin connection. Anyone know where I can get one or have any details?
  3. For ten minutes driving my 95' Lucida all's well, then the oil level light (not the oil pressure one) flashes steadily. It stops flashing after five - ten minutes then ten minutes later starts again. I'm pretty sure when oil is low the light stays on & doesn't flash. Could it be telling me there's too much oil? The level is way above max.
  4. Thanks for the advice. You were right; low ATF level. There's a leak! Topping it up 'til I can find time to fix it. Here's my current quandry. Where's the reservoir? I'm topping up in the dipstick tube for now. Help me Obiwan, you're my only hope.:-)
  5. Hiya. New here, cards on the table; I just bought a Previa, 92' 2.2 diesel auto to carry my tribe of kids around. I've never owned an auto before & know nothing about them. I've always been pretty handy with a spanner though. Today I've noticed a fault on the car. I put my foot down & about a second later the clutch bites. Also while driving the engine races while the speed of the car remains constant. In a manual I'd say the clutch is worn. Is this the case in an auto or is it an indication of something else? Aaron.