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  1. Thanks for the further replies : MikeSh : I hadn't realised the battery would recover so quickly, though I suppose the permanently engaged starter motor might help on this. To be fair to the Yaris, mine starts immediately almost every time, so I've no worries there. I'll run it for 10 minutes or so once a week, and change its position slightly. eyemdee : I noticed as I walked past it this morning that the front discs are getting rather a lot of rust on them. They've been that way in the past, when we've been away on holiday, and a few stops on quiet roads usually polishes them up again.
  2. Thanks for the replies. bathtub tom : I haven't had a battery charger for years, I'm afraid. If it didn't start, I've got Toyota Club Recovery (or whatever fancy name they've changed it to). marty_c83 : I intend to run it for a while once I start it up. What I don't know is how long I need to run it so that the battery can recover the charge used in starting. MikeSh : More a case of across the drive than up and down it, I'm afraid. My neighbour and I had the our front gardens done at the same time, as a single job, and we can get five cars abreast without a problem. And as you remind me, I've left the car unused for two weeks or more whenever we've gone on holiday.
  3. On Monday of last week (i.e. 11 days ago) I had a cataract removal operation. My sight's now clearing, and I can actually see slightly better through that eye than I can through the varifocal lens. However, my main problem is that I don't feel capable of driving. According to my optician, it could be another four weeks before I can drive, This is mainly because of loss of "depth" judgement. Where I live, most local driving involves driving close to parked cars on my left - something I'm not happy about, since I can imagine myself bouncing of them. And then there's pulling into gaps to let other cars pass. Would not using the car for six weeks have any adverse effects on it? There are others whom I could ask to drive it, but having to explain how to handle the six-gear, bl**dy awful gearbox might be a problem. My driveway, shared with my neighbour, is quite wide. While their car is out, I could move it backwards and forwards a bit, until the engine warms up. This would at least change the spot it's parked on. However, how long does the engine need to run to put back the battery power needed to start it? I've had a recall notice for the possible problem with the driver's side window switch, and I've booked it in for the end of June!
  4. An update. I've just had the car out again, and tried a few experiments. With the pedal a fraction of an inch above the floor - no starts. Push it a few mm down, so it's on the floor - starts every time. So the results of this small run of tests are : Pedal slightly off the floor : 6 attempts, 100% no starts Pedal on floor : 6 attempts, 100% starts. So I'm a lot happier about using it now. Though I'll still mention it when I book it in for the recall. If I leave that for a while, they may be ready for the earlier recall, which I think was a possible airbag problem.
  5. Thanks for the replies. fordulike : I can't get a booking at my local dealer for about 4 weeks. This could be caused by the recall notice I've just received about the driver's window switch. If it happens again, I'll make a booking for this and the recall at the same time. craggle : it's a possibility. I put new carpets in in March, and although I have (after a great deal of difficulty) the hook things fitted to stop them moving forward, the carpets are quite thick. Again, something to check should it happen again.
  6. Tonight I got into my car, depressed the clutch, and turned the key until the dash lights came on. Turning the key to the start position - absolutely nothing happened. No sound, no click, and all the lights stayed on. I tried it again, after turning the key back to its original position,same thing. On the third try the car started. I had a run of over 150 miles at the weekend, in daylight, so the battery should be fine. Could it be connected with the fact that the key's battery is on the way out? Occasionally, the remote unlocking doesn't work, on both the main key and the spare. I've got a couple of batteries, so I'll cha ge them once I've plucked up the courage. Since the dash lights are coming on, the mechanical function of the key is working. Could it be that a weak battery means that the ignition part doesn't? Isn't there a transponder (or similar) involved?
  7. I've just checked the shape of the mats, and based on these Amazon search results they're definitely for the 2005 - 2011 models : http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=sr_nr_n_1?fst=as%3Aoff&rh=n%3A303631031%2Ck%3Ayaris+car+mat+2011&keywords=yaris+car+mat+2011&ie=UTF8&qid=1457435313&rnid=1642204031 Having said that, there are some variations in shape as you go down the results. However, the mats fit, which is the main point. So the question is : have they simply put the inserts into the holes when they shouldn't have done? If so, are the holes in the correct positions? So long as the clips arrive, and the hook can be used in the slots in the inserts, I'm happy.
  8. Frostyballs : I've generally found it best when seeking advice to spell everything out in detail, even when the other party probably knows it already. Devon Aygo : The supplier has sent me a email saying that they'll send the clips to me. However, I'm now worried, since the holes in the driver's mat are definitely of the second type : wider ring with rectangular slot. Does this mean the mats are 2011 on? They certainly dropped straight into place, except for the driver's side when I lined the two sets of holes up. Do I understand you to mean that the later type (twist) is fixed into the car's carpet from new? In which case there won't be an additional clip, will there? I'll have to wait and see what they send.
  9. Frostyballs, When buying from a third party via Amazon, if you need to contact the seller then you initially do it via a button on your order details. Amazon then add the order details, and any reply will return through Amazon. If, at the end, you're unhappy with the dealer, Amazon can take various actions. Toyota Mats : I've been using Google to try to find find details of the correct clip, without success. Also to try to find a different source, since both the suppliers you linked to are "Paypal only". I don't have a Paypal account, and I don't particularly want to open on for the sake of a £1.98 order. However, I came across several mentions that Toyota no longer supply mats/carpets as standard.
  10. Indeed, but the problem is : which are the original clips? My mats are the same as shown in your photo, except that the holes in the driver's side contain what look like slightly wider rubber rings, with the centre being a rectangular hole. Thia is the Amazon item: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Toyota-Yaris-2006-2011-Quality-Tailored/dp/B008582HN2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1457286463&sr=8-2&keywords=yaris+carpet . Note that it mentions a "safety device" on the driver's mat. I've sent a query via Amazon asking what this is intended to mean.
  11. Thanks Frostyballs. I was making the mistake of assuming that, because the holes in both the new mat and the original floor covering are circular, one was positioned above the other. However, I've now noticed the curvature at the rear right side, to allow for the fuel cap lever, and clearly the mat needs to be positioned with the hole in the new mat about 3-4 cms in front of the smaller one. The former is about 4cm outside diameter, with a rectangular slot, with rounded ends, in the centre. The holes in the original are about 2cm diameter. Do these measurements make sense, since it looks as though the "bar" in the clip must be the exact size? I notice both ads quote the same original equipment reference. Is there any way to check this?
  12. Thanks for the replies. I think bleach might be a bit strong, but I'll bear it in mind if Milton doesn't work. Reading reviews of Milton, it seems you can use it for other things as well. Possibly my Brita water filter jug, which also, after a while, also gets green staining. It rubs off easily, so long as you can get to it. As it is, I buy a new jug every year; maybe I could just let it stand for an hour or so with Milton/water in.
  13. Cleaning the car windows a few days ago, I noticed that the rubbers at the bottom of the side windows were all stained green. I wonder whether this is because I top up my washer bottle with tap water? Anyway, I rubbed them with damp paper towels, and most of the green came off. Then yesterday, driving in bright sunlight, I noticed that there's also green staining on the insides of the rubbers. Is this harmful in any way? If it is, what's the best way to remove it?
  14. I've just bought a set of car mats for my 2010 1.33 from Amazon. They seem to be well made, and they just dropped into place. There are two holes at the rear of the driver's side mat which line up with two holes in the original flooring. Am I right in thinking there should be clips to hold this mat in place? If so, where can I get them, and are they expensive?
  15. TomdeGuerre. It's actually difficult to describe, but hopefully it'll make sense to anyone trying to remover theirs. I didn't bother to mention that it's actually possible, from one particular angle, to see past the rubber into the fitting, so you can see the slot and the crossbar. If you're discarding the wiper, it's probably easier if you take the rubber off first. I can only assume that the Auris fitting is different to the Yaris one. There were only two or three thin arcs of water; I imagine that in use they'd just be a couple of streaks of dirt. I'm now waiting for it to rain so that I can test them : at the moment, I shouldn't have long to wait.