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  1. The gear change crunches when cold and has done since the engine rebuild. I thought it may have just been settling in but it is far notchier than before and isn't geting any better. Could this be related? A clutch adjustment issue? Normal clutch wear that just coincided with the rebuild? I also have a tail light half filled with water. And a whining noise which could be anything - maybe even just me:)
  2. Thanks to the knowledge and responses posted here I saved approx £500. Thanks all. Toyota paid for it out of warrenty and refunded the egr valve costs. I did have to go thru toyota uk but they were helpful. Hopefully thats the car sorted.
  3. Firstly the ERG valve was clogging the 2.0 D4D engine. Followed the ERG advice to clean it. Don't do this. It's clogging for a reason. Then black smoke - no power etc. Injectors faulty (apparently due to not being able to cope with the diesel fuel in the UK). Out of Warrenty but Toyota paid for replacement injectors - I had to pay for the ERG Valve £270. Overheating at 60mph and losing water (not leaking tho). Apparently small leak in water pump but now requires full engine rebuild (probably due to injectors clogging and knock on effect). Still out of warrenty. Toyota will pay for engine rebuild. But - I have to pay £270 for oil, collant , seals etc (not sure what the etc is). Surely I am not the only one. (in fact there is another car getting the same job done in the same garage) Anyone know where I stand with regard to this? Is it a Toyota cover up? I am going to challenge this as much as I can as I think there should have been a recall. Appart from that the actual dealer service provided has been excellent.