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  1. Loads in youtube about how to remove/replace side mirror/ covers and side repeaters for corolla 2019 onwards. will save you a lot to try it yourself.
  2. Dont know what you mean you have to take off your number plate at the MoT due date? Just had my MOT and its not a requirement for as long is within standards
  3. Its too complicated for me to follow. Ive seen it before and still not been able to follow it. thanks
  4. Nice pics. Im interested on how you managed to replaced the rear bumper reflectors and which wire you tapped? any ideas how to install footwell lights as well, i have been tinkering with the fuses and wires but cant get the right wire to tap as i wanted it to be ON when the car unlocks and unlocks like the dome lights Got mine as well from maxton -spoiler cap, front and rear diffuser. It sets up the car really nice.
  5. Thanks Yup I agree easy job to be done it seems dealers have a new ways of getting money of customers. Probably because of Covid it seems they are promoting air conditioning decontamination service as well. Which consist of evaporator decontamination,pollen, filter housing clean and replacement pollen filter, seems a good cause but cost way a lot.
  6. Is this the cabin filter which is found behind the glove box?
  7. Just had my 3 years/intermediate service and MOT for my 2.0L HB - passed MOT - just an advisory on the front wipers as noted making smears already but did changed it. Not bad as it lasted 3 years compared to my Auris, which only lasted 2 years -ask for a tyre rotation- now my Good years EG 2 now on rear and Falkens in front. And immediately noticed the difference whilst driving, in terms of driving, noise and cornering. Really need to change these falkens but gotta save first as its still quite thick and would probably last for another year. - seems Toyota been doing some aircon/ ventilation checks which deals with filtration and bacterial contamination - been qouted 275£ probably because of the pandemic? Maybe? Opted not to have it as I havent got any issue with the AC and heater, nil foul smell noted, maybe in due time. Maybe there is another way of changing the filter.
  8. Thats probably my plan, would get a loan to pay for the final payment. But would wait and compare what The dealer would offer.
  9. Im due for my final payment until November. But would like to keep the car and dont want to trade it again and be on the non stop loop of paying. Does the dealership do financing again for the final payment? Or you have to pay it outright? Or better look somewhere else to get it finance like a loan? Sure depends on the interest rates at the moment. i have been trading and part exchanging my 5 Toyota’s now and need to stop and own it outright. Did not have a chance to save for the the final payment. Due to increasing demands in everyday living.
  10. I have front splitter, rear diffuser , spoiler cap, smoked headlamp,chrome door handles, fuel cover, window wind deflectors, dashboard ambient light. Mud flaps front and rear. Maybe soon a side skirt.
  11. its for 2.0L service year 4-6. its initial payment of 26.22 then 21.09 for 40months. I haven't agreed to the plan yet, if with MOT on each year £24.47 for 40months. for year 1-3 just paid £720
  12. I was qouted for next 3 yrs full,intermediate then full for 870£ 21£ per month
  13. I liked HB but always loved mid size SUV like this. If UK specs would include the AWD and and all the expected specs this would be very tempting for me.
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