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  1. Try maxton design. Spoilers and splitters avail for corolla.
  2. I had mine last Sunday. Dealers should have it already by now. The system is not perfect, me too was a bit disappointed on apple car play especially waiting for more than a year for it to be installed Its a matter of preference on how you use the system. But as of now im glad of having it installed its a big plus for corollas infotainment. People will always compare different manufacturers approach on their infotainment but whats important is how you will acknowledge it. Its a start and sure it will continue to improve
  3. Book my car for the update this weekend on my dealer. I was told its a whole day process? How long does the upgrade usually?
  4. Due for a service soon, and dealers are have been informed by Toyota that AA/AC are pushed back until October/November time. But one dealership near my place told me that thay have the update already not really sure about that. anyway is there any other software update available for the the infotainment at the moment like the AUdio display unit? And what does the upgrade for? thanks
  5. I am connected to a wifi but cant seem ti make estore work. Always saying service not available. I
  6. A new a map update was released today MAP update 2020 V1 but its via OTA and not the usual USB download. I assume this for newer model who has Apple carplay aNd Android Auto. How about us who haven’t got the chance for AA/AC to be installed / upgraded our system? This retrofit upgrade has been delayed for so long. Come on Toyota , fulfill your promised from the start of saLes of the new Corolla.
  7. How did you manage to fit it? What kind of subwoofer was it? I was thinking of upgrading it as well but thinking of space as the HB is so cram of space
  8. Does it mean that apple carplay / android auto will be available that month for upgrade or retrofit
  9. Thanks again. I still cant get the right wire. Maybe its just me. Lol
  10. Got it done at last by the service manager. How come the technicians doesnt even know how to do it. It only took atleast 3-5 mins to be done 08C30BDB-307C-4E88-86A7-EA32397644A3.MOV
  11. For so long now I have been asking my dealer about this customisations and none of the technicians know how to do it
  12. On my 2.0 design HB. I recently had 56.5mpg on a full load,plus 2 passengers, A/C on and with a slight heavy right foot. Its a 270 miles jreturn journey.
  13. Thanks, i thought its another customisable thing for corolla like global window closure.
  14. Is it possible to program autolock on the new corolla? Door locks when it reach 20-20mph?
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