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  1. So which fuse did you tap?
  2. Does it mean that apple carplay / android auto will be available that month for upgrade or retrofit
  3. Thanks again. I still cant get the right wire. Maybe its just me. Lol
  4. Got it done at last by the service manager. How come the technicians doesnt even know how to do it. It only took atleast 3-5 mins to be done 08C30BDB-307C-4E88-86A7-EA32397644A3.MOV
  5. For so long now I have been asking my dealer about this customisations and none of the technicians know how to do it
  6. On my 2.0 design HB. I recently had 56.5mpg on a full load,plus 2 passengers, A/C on and with a slight heavy right foot. Its a 270 miles jreturn journey.
  7. Thanks, i thought its another customisable thing for corolla like global window closure.
  8. Is it possible to program autolock on the new corolla? Door locks when it reach 20-20mph?
  9. Thats nice. But having this done by my dealer could be a bit tricky and im sure the answer I will get is big NO.
  10. Thanks. I dont want to run it thru the done light. But just need to figure out the wire to tap. Just cant figure out which one as stated on the toyota texh website.
  11. Thanks. But that will only mean that the footwell lights iwill be on all the time while the engine is running and off when is stopped. I need the the right wire/fuse for the dome lights. So it will switch on when you unlock the door vise versa.
  12. Ive seen before that but too technical for me. Just need the proper wire to tap.
  13. Any ideas which wire or fuse to tap as i am planning of putting footwell lights. Ive done it on my Auris before but cant seem to make it work on my Corolla
  14. Turn on notification on your paired device on Bluetooth section
  15. I got the spare wheel and a tyre repair kit as a bonus.