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  1. I used aftermarket sensors to start with, they worked perfectly well for around 10k miles. The engine light is simply turned of using a computer, i got a cheap code reader off ebay which i reset the lights with so i disagree with that comment from the garage. I would however recommend using Denso parts, they last much longer i have found, in my case for what ever reason it also seemed to fit better.
  2. mystic


    Recently my abs keeps kicking in under normal braking on normal road conditions, i pulled up to a junction earlier and the brake pedal was going nuts. It not like i was braking hard either. Is there any common reason the abs would keep coming on under normal conditions?
  3. I find that little battery does great for its size. I was surprised and from what i can tell mine is still orginal but i usually leave the side lights when running into a shop, and play the radio for a good hour or so and its never run dry yet, maybe im just lucky
  4. mystic

    Aerial Base

    So the carwash broke the base to the aerial, the part you screw in has been pulled out and the plastic split a little on the top. I need to replace it but a few questions, I assume the base is secured from underneath by a bolt, so it should be just remove the liner and undo it? Also whats the best option to replace it, i have been to a few breakers but turns out the RAV4 isnt a very popular scrap car. Most shop recommend going to a dealer but i don't like the dealer prices normally so that will be my last option. Also is there anything that may be a slight upgrade or boost to the signal, befor
  5. mystic


    Service guide says; Replace engine oil and filter Rotate tires Visually inspect brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs Additional Maintenance Items for Special Operating Conditions: Driving While Towing Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis and body Driving on Dirt Roads or Dusty Roads Inspect ball joints and dust covers Inspect drive shaft boots Inspect engine air filter Inspect steering linkage and boots Re-torque drive shaft bolt (4WD) Tighten nuts and bolts on
  6. Strangely enough, had intended to smear wee dod of at least vaseline for this very reason. You really should, if you have metal caps they will eventually weld themselves on and render the tyre useless. :)
  7. mystic

    Awd System

    In real world situation i cant fault my little RAV, even with worn tyres i've yet to have any problems and i use it for a lot of muddy track, field and woodland driving. With a decent set of tyres i can imagine it being a good competitor. Maybe not a amazing offroader (i dont like the exhaust being under the rear axle, poor thing takes a beating) but its not out of it's depth either.
  8. I've seen this before, the reason was the previous owner had used metal valve caps, but took them off before selling the car, replacing them with plastic. Metal caps look nice BUT not many people realize you have to use copper slip or similar on the thread or they seize and are almost impossible to remove without damage. If the previous owner decided to try and remove them that may exaplin the damage your explaining.. my best guess.
  9. I'm already working on my toyboata
  10. I know a few of you here are very good at detailing you cars, giving them a showroom feel. Well, i recently only realized after a day of getting in and out of my car that a button on the back of my jeans was bent and therefore fairly sharp, so on the drivers seat there are several scratches on the leather (left cheek area), it has not torn it, but my eye goes straight to it now and it's driving me crazy, so any tips on a effective way to reduce its uglyness? i treat my seats with leather conditioner often but that doesn't hide the scratch/scuffs. Cheers guys
  11. mystic


    If you have had a good look and all seems to be well, you have no problems like powerloss, warning lights or vibrations or wouldn't worry to much, it may just have been something in the road. If you hear it again, then its time to investigate further.
  12. mystic


    Have you had a look underneath? Hows your exhaust looking?
  13. Don't mean to sound stupid but your mechanic defiantely cleared the codes after fitting the sensor? Easy to forget and it would be showing the old error if you didn't
  14. mystic


    mine revs up to around 2500 and stays there for a while, slowly dropping until the temp gauge is half way then it idles at around 500 (which i think may be a tad low) on hte plus side the heater goes from freezing cold to boiling hot in about a min so no complaints with the ravs warm up from me.
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