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  1. Can anyone help me too set up my 2013 Dab radio so that it stays on national wave band
  2. Can anyone help me I have a 2013 Rav4 and I'm having a problem with DAB Radio I can't seem to get it to stay on National coverage it always tries to go to a local area i.e. Edinburgh Glasgow or Tayside and when it does this the reception is awful but if it's national it's great how do I tune my radio to stay on national only Woody
  3. woodywonka


    Good Morning Thinking of fitting a Towbar to my 2013 Rav4 any advice appreciated 1 . Does my car have plug in connectors if so should I buy OEM wiring loom 2. Is it possible to fit Towbar without cutting the bumper Any help or advice greatly appreciated Woody
  4. woodywonka

    Nudge Bar

    ok thanks for the advice does anyone have an old nudge bar for a 2005 kicking around that they don't use ???? woody
  5. thx guys i,m not that keen on a chllenge
  6. try gumtree they are on there quite regularly
  7. Hello folks Can anyone help me is it possible to fit a 2008 nudge bar on a 2005 rav4 or are completely different I aint hopeless but is it a big job Thanks in anticipation Woody
  8. anyone out there selling a bull bar for 2005 Rav4????? woody
  9. Thx going in for a service on monday i,ll ask them to check the exhaust woody
  10. Thx for replying Anchorman but there is'nt any vibration through the gearstick or the clutch pedal Woody
  11. funny noise coming from gearbox area of the car sounds like the exhaust has blown but its ok noticed it was very noisy whn pulling away in first and second gear also had a slight vibration from the engine when travelling at 40 50 mph but would disappear if i accelerated slightly any ideas folks. Is it the dreaded DMF ?????? 2005 rav4 83,000 mls Woody
  12. recently bust the nearside bumper and have tried looking in my haynes manual to see how it comes off hopefully I can plastic weld it ??? but as usual its as clear as mud can anyone give me some pointers I have noticed there appears to be two bolts just inside the door but there must be something else holding it Any help gratefully appreciated Woody
  13. removed filter and bled system through to fuel pump now back to her old self and running like a sweetie Thx all woody
  14. I had the same prob recently and cured it by replacing fuel filter and bleeding at the fuel pump woody
  15. Help please anyone serviced my D4D yesterday myself as I was p***** off paying garage prices for silly jobs and one of the things I did was replace the fuel filter. Now my rav won't start from cold unless I prime it using the primer pump on the top of the fuel filter, any ideas why it should go from a great starting car to a comlete dog i,ve checked the haynes manual and followed the instructions exactly so i,m lost as to what i,ve done wrong and assistance would be greatly appreciated Woody
  16. looking for leather seats for my 2005 rav 4 anyone out there help me ??? woody
  17. thx guys much appreciated
  18. Anyone fitted a Parrot CK31000 to there rav4 2005 any info greatly appreciated Woody
  19. Hello had similar problem and had to take car back to mr T here they apparently found a fault in the fuel pump drawing air and the Hdi system had to be flushed hope this makes sense to you because it went right over my head cheers Woody
  20. Hello All As this is going to be my first winter driving my 2005 rav4 diesel and i,m needing new tyres anyway has anyone got any recommendations or preferences. taking in to consideration of course I am up here in Scotland where the weather is a wee bit harsher Woody
  21. Been there also felt like a ****** after it and my mates? still ***** themselves every now and then at the recollection of it. me i just put it down to a senior moment Woody
  22. Thx all will give it a try :thumbsup:
  23. Check with el contacts for SCVs; ????? sorry you have lost me there woody
  24. Hello A short note to ask if anyone has came across this problem when I start the car from cold in the morning and reverse out my drive the car cuts out, and is then very difficult to start ie: I have to leave it for a minute or two before it will start.it does nt do it all the time but i,ve only had the car a month and its done it about 5-6 times your thoughts would be appreciated Woody
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