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  1. I've bought the same door speakers. I already have pioneer TS-G1012i 10cm up front with the standard Aygo tweeters and an Alpine SWE-1000 underseat sub. Took a couple of pics today when I removed the door cards. 15W speakers...no wonder my Alpine HU distorts them lmao
  2. Nice 'How-to' Johnny, they say a picture is worth a 100 words
  3. If anyone has changed their Aygo/C1/107 alloys for aftermarket and has the originals gathering dust let me know. I may also be interested in aftermarket alloys if someone is selling theirs. Thanks Chris
  4. My mate is after one for his C1 and might be less fussy than you about the condition. Can you PM me the scrappies details please mate?
  5. If i was in the market for a car right now I'd love to buy this. I'd take the GTI badge off the back to make it look more like a base model and have some fun at traffic lights with other cars lol 136bhp/ton and 0-60 in 7.9 isn't half bad hahaha
  6. Thanks for your replies. I had kinda thought that they might only pull their faces if the change I made could be linked to a fault. I don't think my glove box lid, mats or mudflaps will cause a problem either
  7. So, my mate says that I should be careful what changes I make to my car while I'm still paying off the finance which does make sense and I would not make permanent changes until I own the car outright. The thing I'm not sure about is that he reckons I've already invalidated it by adding the rev counter myself rather than getting the dealer to fit it?
  8. Hi Vanessa, or in my native tongue oo oo ah ah ee ee ee
  9. It's definitely taking out the bass frequencies. If I put the fader to the front then I only get mids and highs. When I ran the pioneer directly off the pink/purple wires there was a lot more bass.
  10. As you can see, the pink and purple wires go into a white connector which splits the feed into two. One set goes to the tweeter in the A pillar (notice the Peugeot logo in the plastic :D) This looks like it has a capacitor filter to remove low frequencies. The other set goes through the filter into the 4" speaker that I have replaced with Pioneers. I used some wiring converters from eBay that cost less than £2 delivered. It means the car can be put back to standard quickly if needed. Also you don't have to worry about which is +ve/-ve as the wires will only fit one way. These show the Pioneer and tweeter in position
  11. My driving is all stop/start commuting with 40mph max and perhaps only 30 miles per tank being done on the motorway. My average on Fuelly is 50mpg. I have noticed seasonal variations; summer avg 52, winter avg 48 with autumn and spring falling in-between. Running in appears to have made little difference, the car has done 8.5k miles and has not really changed from day 1.
  12. Johnny, my Aygo is a 2011 Ice that has 6 speakers as standard: 2 x 6.5" in the door (on rear fader channel), 2 x 4" in the dash (with a capacitor/filter removing high and low frequencies to them) and 2 x tweeters in the A pillars. I replaced the rubbish 6ohm one-way 4" speakers with the Pioneers. I will take a photo of the frequency filter later.
  13. I have fitted Pioneer TS-G1012i that I bought here. You have to bend down (or cut off as i did) two of the mounting tangs but they dropped in easily and required no trimming underneath the speaker or of the plastic cover above.
  14. I have the Aygo Ice (2011 Model). It didn't come with Bluetooth like yours does but it has 6 speakers, two 6.5" in the front doors, two 4" in the corners of the dash and two tweeters in the A pillars. There's what looks like a very basic filter in the connector for the 4" speakers that strips out high and low frequencies only sending midrange to them. I swapped the HU for my Alpine CDA-9887R and the 4" speakers for some Pioneer TS-G1012i. . Since they are a two way speaker, I tried bypassing the 'filter' and sending all frequencies to them, this took the A-pillar tweeters out of the loop. I'm no audiophile but I preferred the original configuration with the filter in place allowing the tweeters to handle the highs and the 6.5" speakers in the door getting the bass. Next job is to swap the door speakers as they distort horribly with even the slightest hint of bass. Also looking to put an underseat sub in, weighing up In Phase USW-10, Pioneer TS-WX110A or Alpine SWE-1000 at the moment.
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